Tour Of The Dark Realm 2023

Report and Photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

Powermetal sextet from Sweden – BLOODBOUND together with TUNGSTEN and NORTHTALE as supports,  just finished their tour. They completed 13 shows in 13 days in several European countries. Last Saturday was their 12th show in The Netherlands; Metropool – Enschede. It was a nice selection of bands that technically stand their ground when it comes to Powermetal.

T U N G S T E N was the opening act of the night making their entrance under heavy red lights. The audience was launched into an ominous, magical, heavy metal forest from the very beginning. It is hard to determine what genre you would class Tungsten as; there are so many different elements used in all of their songs that it doesn’t really stick to a particular genre.

Tungsten incorporates elements of the alternative and industrial metal genres, along with a good shovel of Folk Metal and some other experiments which makes them unique in their own way.

N O R T H T A L E on stage was like experiencing Powermetal in its purest form. It’s like bringing back the golden years of power metal in the late 90’s. Great vocals and huge range of the Brazilian Guilherme Hirose, hitting each high note and practically living every word he’s singing. Outstanding fiery guitar solos executed by the very talented Bill Hudson, a musician with a host of metal credits to his name who makes a spectacle of the instrument that could rival the aurora borealis…His solos elevates the songs to a higher level.

After two great performances the time had arrived where the audience was patiently waiting for. B L O O D B O U N D delighted their fans with a hypnotic musical enchantment. The live performance of these Swedes was impressive, they were energetic with a strong stage presence charming the crowd with their melodic tunes. The music, full of mythical tales, medieval fantasies, dark creatures, dragons and other things that appeal to the imagination, consists of catchy melodies, bombastic keyboard work, catchy riffs and instant sing-alongs.