Report and Photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

Yes!! We like it loud! Last Saturday Loud Noise Production, promoted another brutal metal evening at the Mainstage in Den Bosch! Two of Europe’s most revered metal bands, Arch Enemy & Behemoth are set to combine forces to bring finally their ‘European Siege 2022’ tour. With special appearances of Unto Others and Carcass.

The American Heavy metal/Gothic Rock band UNTO OTHERS was the opening act that evening. They made their entry under heavy blue lights, powering their way through their set with ominous catchy riffs and a very calm Gabe Franco on vocals. Unto Others has prepared the audience for what was going to come. We’re describing it as the calm before the storm.

The UK death metal pioneers CARCASS are also touring with these two giants! They were the 2nd performance of the night. After experiencing the previous relaxing performance, the noise was being ramped up a few decibels; they started their setlist with a classic masterpiece ‘’Buried dreams’’. Their show was relentless and they railed on with unbounded crackling energy. Frontman Jeff Walker was on top form, he sounded just as filthy and rotten as ever and Bill Steer is a joy to watch play the guitar. Their setlist was a combination of classics, ‘Surgical Steel’ material and songs of their newest gem ‘Thorn Arteries’. Despite some technical failures on stage they clearly made a statement in claiming their rightful place at the head table!

BEHEMOTH also takes metal to extreme levels and goes far beyond the boundaries of black metal and heresy. A large plain drop-sheet was blocking the stage where a shadow figure was lurking behind with its face lit up by a handheld light. When the first guitar riffs started to sound in the hall the sheet was dropped revealing the diabolical decorated stage. They emerged from the underworld with another flawless and demonic performance. Fans were certainly not disappointed , they sounded utterly heavy, obscure and blasphemous as usual until the very last second.

ARCH ENEMY is a rock solid death metal band for more than twenty years and after four years they finally hit the stage in The Netherlands again. They delivered exactly what the crowd wanted which was a fusion of some of their best classics with new songs of their newest album ‘Deceivers’. The way that Amott and Loomis play off each other is spellbinding at times and a real treat for all the guitar-heads present, they both know how to put a killer show. This was a knockout performance from one of the most influential bands on this planet.

All in all, the bombastic fire show of these two heavyweights in the worldwide metal scene had blown everyone away at the fully packed venue in Den Bosch.

This metal event has also made national news thanks to one of the lucky spectators Nova Grunten. This Dutch-star-in-the-making had an incredible day by having a meet and greet with her idol Alissa White-Gluz. This 11-year-old girl is making her way as a death metal grunter and has not gone unnoticed by the Dutch media. It was a very excited evening for her, Alissa is a great vocalist that she looks up to. We are ending this Live review with a message to all our readers that we received from this young talent: ‘’ Do what makes you happy and just be yourself. That’s what I sing in one of Magic-O-Metal’s songs called ‘Loud and Proud’. It’s about daring to be yourself. That is the most important.’’