VLTIMAS: ‘EPIC’ Release Show

Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

VLTIMAS kicked off their first release show at a packed Metropool last Saturday with KJELD as support act.  Recently they released their second gem ‘EPIC’, five years after their debut album ‘Something wicked marches in’.

KJELD: This Frisian black metal band has been around for 20 years and has released two EPs, two splits and two full-lengths, the latest achievement dates from 2021 when the album ‘Ôfstân’ was released. Ever since the early beginnings, the band has had one vision: to combine aggression and atmosphere in black metal. The band draws inspiration from Frisian nature, myths and sagas, and the darkness of man, combining these to create their own unique sound. KJELD plays fast paced black metal without forsaking melody and dynamics.

KJELD was the opening act of the evening, the guitar riffs starts off on the right foot. The song shifts enough to maintain the interest of the audience. Besides the brisk pace, the band also manages to hold back at the right moments and make room for melodic leads. The riffs shift from atmospheric to powerful and the vocals are raw and strong. A great opener of the evening. The comparison with Scandinavian bands still holds true, but KJELD grants itself its own musical identity by singing in Frisian.

In short, the band’s performance was pleasant to watch, they gave a confident delivery with catchy riffing and dark, insidious melodies.

VLTIMAS: This band doesn’t need introduction, if it doesn’t ring a bell, its members probably do. With a guitarist who played in Mayhem and Aura Noir, a drummer from Cryptopsy and vocalist/bassist of Morbid Angel. These guys have extensive amounts of extreme metal history, they are all experts in their field.

With a constructive intro that increased the tension, the members of VLTIMAS appeared on stage, lastly the imposing David Vincent, with his long black coat and hat. Vincent’s delivery is crushing, yet his words are clearly articulated, enchanting and ritualistic. Rune’s playing offers a blackened and sometimes a dissonant edge in the riffing. The drumming is top-notch, the fills that Flo Mounier played in ‘Everlasting’ was absolutely mind-blowing. Duarte’s and Scheltinga’s performance also fits in very well, all together delivering almost a frisson experience.

They crafted a great setlist! ‘Mephisto Manifesto’ is one of the highlights of the evening, very memorable choruses, rarely raising the pace, but with a constant bursting energy. ‘Total Destroy’ is another favorite with constant shifting of the tempo, unexpected twists and turns of the guitars and a short powerful yet compelling and melodic solo. There was also room for a ”romantic” song ‘Monolith’; The pace is slightly slower than the other songs, but has a great dark edge especially the chorus lines which complement the atmosphere. At the end the crowd roared its approval with thundering applause!

Setlist: Volens Discordant – EPIC – Praevalidus – Mephisto Manifesto – Total Destroy – Monolilith – Scorcher – Invictus – Last Ones Alive Win Nothing – Nature’s Fangs – Misere – Exercitus Irae – Diabolus Est Sanguis – Something Wicked Marches In – Everlasting

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