Bloodgod, Teethgrinder Terrorizer in DBs, Utrecht (NL), August 7, 2014

by: Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

We went to Utrecht at the DBs venue to be part of a sold out show of Terrorizer with opening act of Bloodgod and Teethgrinder.
Bloodgod, never heard of them before, but Gosh they were great and funny. We hope to see more of this Dutch death metal band from Utrecht. Teethgrinder were having some difficulties with the drumkit, but they’ve have managed to bring a quick solution so they can entertain the audience with their songs.

Terrorizer in DBs
Terrorizer in DBs

And then it was the turn for Terrorizer to make their appearance on stage. Besides the photographers, everyone were having fun slamming into each other on the mighty tunes of this legendary grindcore band. Founding legendary drummer Pete Sandoval (ex-morbid angel) performed together with the guitarist Lee Harrison (Monstrosity) and Sam Molina on bass and vocals.

Check out the photo’s of Jeanny Petrocchi of this concerthere.