Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

On July 8th, Metropool in Hengelo hosted an extreme night of heavy metal music featuring MOUNTAIN EYE and SOULFLY dishing out sounds of destruction.  After playing 57 dates across the US early this year, SOULFLY is currently crushing Europe in support of their 12th album ‘Totem’. This European Tour consists of 32 dates. Once again, they’re bringing new upcoming local bands to their shows as a support act. The Amsterdam quintet MOUNTAIN EYE turned out to be more than a worthy opener last Saturday. It was a very successful evening in the packed Jupiler hall with lots of fun and good music in an absolutely electrifying atmosphere.

Opening act was Mountain Eye from Amsterdam. This quintet made their entrance to the stage dressed in a grayish cover-all and immediately turned the hall into a swirling mosh pit. Their sound is a mix of alternative metal with heavy riffs and atmospheric progressive rock ingredients. Vocalist Arthur Robinson showed his enormously varied vocal range. He effortlessly excels in clean vocals, screams and grunts. Inspiration clearly comes from bands like Korn, Slipknot and Linkin Park, but is given a contemporary twist. They regenerate the once popular nu-metal in their own and innovative way. A decent opener for an evening that was only going to get more and more brutal.

With the audience in heightened energy, SOULFLY began with “Back to the Primitive”, defined by heavy riffs and Max’s distinct growls. They are best known for integrating art and sounds from Brazilian heritage and brutality. SOULFLY has been around for a quarter of a century now, and if the band can be defined by anything is that they have been in a constant state of delighted evolution.

Cavalera leads the charge of this musical assault and is joined by Mike DeLeon on guitar, Mike Leon on bass and his son Zyon Cavalera on drums. Together, they delivered a powerful set that included many Soulfly and Sepultura favorites. Soulfly ripped through over an hour of face-melting metal madness. Their brutality and heaviness kept the heads banging all night long and the pit growing by the minute. There was no shortage of savagery with songs like ‘Frontlines’ – ‘Bleed’ –‘Superstition’ – ‘Prophecy’ – ‘Filth upon Filth’ – ‘Seek ‘N Strike’ – ‘Eye for an Eye’ – ‘Boom’ – ‘Tribe’ – ‘Bumba’ – ‘Chaos AD‘.

In an encore, they finished the night with the highly energetic ‘Jumpdafuckup’ before saying goodnight.

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