Skid Row, Ugly Kid Joe & Dead City Ruins Photo Report

Atak, Enschede (NL) November 8, 2013

Skid Row

We were in a jam packed concert at the Atak venue in Enschede to witness the European World Rebellion Tour. DEAD CITY RUINS was the opening act that evening. And what a hell of start. These Aussie rockers, originally from London but now based in Melbourne, put in a rocking set which was well received by the crowd. The hypnotic riffs, powerful drum beats and the great vocals of Jake were the essence to deliberate a mind blowing show. We hope to see more of these guys in the near future.

Next up was UGLY KID JOE, Crane still has a strong voice and knows how to work a crowd with many sing-alongs and lots of crowd participation. Songs like ”Cats in the cradle” and ”everything about you” couldn’t be left out, which causes a bouncing mass of the audience. A very powerful entertainment from the beginning till the end.

SKID ROW played the hits that the crowd wanted and expected to hear. 18 and life, I remember you, Youth gone wild, Slave to grind, Monkey Business, Quicksand Jesus, just to name a few. They played also a few new songs which was very well accepted by the crowd. Johnny Solinger’s varied vocal range is as good as the former singer Sebastian Bach used to be back then, if not even better!

All in all it was worth the wait for almost 20 years for Skid Row to return to The Netherlands. We wish all the bands the best of luck and lots of fun with their tour. Check out their new e.p. United World Rebellion Tour. If you were a fan, back then, of the Slave to the Grind album, you will not be dissapointed.

Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

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