March 6, 2018 was the start of the 2nd lag of Satyricons European Tour. On stage, in the packed smaller of the two venues of Patronaat, Haarlem, the band looked and sounded fresh and energetic. To the extreme joy of the audience after the new opening song Midnight Serpent, not only songs from the new CD Deep Calleth Upon Deep were played. Far from that, many great hits passed by, all sang along by the gathered Dutch fan base. Such as Repined Bastard Nation and Now, Diabolical.The routined band of frontman Satyr obviously was very aware of what the audience likes and the atmosphere was very enjoyable indeed. We were exited for the full hour and 50 minutes that this fascinating performance lasted.

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Set List:
• Intro (tape)• Midnight Serpent • Our World, It Rumbles Tonight • Black Crow on a Tombstone • Deep Calleth Upon Deep • Ageless Northern Spirit • Repined Bastard Nation • The Wolfpack • Now, Diabolical • To Your Brethren in the Dark • Black Wings and Withering Gloom • Walk the Path of Sorrow • Transcendental Requiem of Slaves • Mother North
• The Pentagram Burns • Fuel for Hatred • K.I.N.G.

For those who missed this event: Satyricon will be back in The Netherlands on June 1-2 to play at Fortarock in Nijmegen.