Sargeist & Nightbringer – Photos of Disciples Tour

Photo’s of the Disciples of the Void Tour of the Black Metal bands Sargeist (FIN) & Nightbringer (USA) (2014) taken by Metalphoto in Willemeen, Arnhem (March 23 2014) are now on line!

Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.
Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.
This fine Underground Show was the first multi-national export product of the German organizer Drohende Schatten, who specializes in this genre. A venue packed with true lovers of Black Metal had come from all over The Netherlands to watch and listen to a selection of quite esoteric bands: Irkallian Oracle (Sweden), Sargeist (Finland), Pseudogod (Russian Federation), Nightbringer (USA).
Irkallian Oracle, was here for the first time and impressed with their psychedelic Black Metal, dressed in monkshoods and playing on a dark, red lighted stage. We present an atmospheric impression of two beloved underground bands: Sargeist and Nightbringer, who both are convincingly true to the old roots of BM.

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