Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

A great evening dedicated to great hard rock and heavy metal that took place in the splendid venue of Metropool in Enschede. Three bands that can be seen as modern interpreters of genres that have proven to be indestructible for decades and that have managed to tap into large groups of new fans generation after generation. KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, DYNAZTY and FORMOSA , three motivated, up-and-coming and bad-ass live bands complemented each other in this NOT THE END OF THE ROAD tour.

The German KISSIN’ DYNAMITE is clearly still ‘addicted to metal’ and know their way to put a hell of a performance each time again. This powerhouse is already known in the metal scene and has built up an impeccable reputation with their irresistible approach to monumental rock since their formation in 2007.

The quintet effortlessly manages an astonishingly strong act between modern metal sounds and old school nostalgia and those classic timeless rock anthems that brings back  memories to the hungry-for-rock fans.

It’s delightful to see a band that still enjoys and appreciates their fans and audiences, these guys obviously still love being on stage; they’re having the time of their lives.

Embrace the musical madness of KISSIN’ DYNAMITE, this is glam metal for the modern age.

Setlist KISSIN’ DYNAMITE: No one Dies a Virgin – Sex is War – Love me Hate me – Living in the Fastlane – Yoko Ono – I will be King – DNA – Six Feet Under – You’re not Alone – Not the End – Flying Colours

A lot of Dutch and even German Metal enthusiasts came to Enschede to support DYNAZTY!

They were energized and full of passion on stage and delivered a great musical experience to the audience. While the show progresses, the music got heavier, with the guitars coming more into the spotlight, they fully convinced with their high-energetic yet melodious playing. There was an unbelievable wall of sound and an extremely great vocal by Nils Molin. Songs like “Heartless Madness”,  “Paradise Of The Architect” and ‘’Waterfall’’ were shouted along. Guitarists Love Magnussen and Mikael Lavér riffed like masters and even had time to down a beer on a solo while flying one-handed over the fretboard.

For those who are not yet familiar with this band, here is a good impression of DYNAZTY’s strength: pushing rhythmic, catchy melodies performed with expressive vocals. All in all, these Swedes delivered, it was a great first headlining act.

Setlist DYNAZTY: Power of Will – Firesign – Natural Born Killer – Paradise of the Architect – The Grey – Advent – Yours – In the arms of a Devil – Waterfall – Presence of Mind – The Human Paradox – Heartless Madness.

FORMOSA was the opening act of the evening. This tour was a perfect promotion for their upcoming album “Danger Zone” which will be released  on 21.04.2023.  These guys gave full throttle from the very first song.

An opening act worthy of note and which plays the role of entertaining the eager audience for the next two bands very well. They are dynamic and cohesive with each other and the interaction with the audience never fails. Formosa came on stage with a great attitude and a batch of beautiful songs that warmed up the audience in a very good way. This is a band to definitely keep an eye on!

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