Malevolent Creation & support in Amsterdam

August 20, 2014 Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam (NL)
by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last wednesday we were at Winston Kingdom, a small venue just a few footsteps away from the red light district in Amsterdam, for another metal concert. Again, the organizer of this event, Snook Bookings, nailed it. Last time with Terrorizer in Utrecht and last wednesday in Amsterdam. Again a sold out show.
As usual a full house. The first performance was by the dutch band Ecocide, young guys really kicking asses with some old school death metal. It was a delighted warm up show for the audience.


The next band was De Profundis from London. After being blown away with old school death metal we switched to some progressive metal. We hope to see more of these guys in the near future. The beginning is there, we will not forget their names after THAT show in Amsterdam. They have been touring with Malevolent Creation in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

Sinister is not an unknown band and specially not in The Netherlands. They were very entertaining as always, giving all they’ve got with their characteristic sound and with their continuous input of energy on stage. Sinister style remains brutal, honest and satisfactory.

Drummer Sinister

Headliner Malevolent Creation was also mindblowing. You can put them on a big stage at party San Open Air, or just a small stage at a small cozy venue in Amsterdam. One thing is for sure, these guys always deliver, no matter where or what the circumstances are. The guitar riffs were relentless, they work great with speed. Also a great combination with the vocals of Brett, this guy growls from the heart.
All in all it was a succes. Kudo’s to Snook Bookings, for booking again a great sold-out show were every single soul were having fun. I had hard times shooting pics from the audience, it was risky because of the constant pit they were having in a small venue and the lack of light which made it more difficult. But we had a great time and that is what counts. Keep an eye on Snook Bookings events, more greatness is on the way!