Support act: ALL FOR METAL

Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

LORDI, the most electrifying horde of Rock N’ Roll monsters in the universe known for their over-the-top costumes, stormed Enschede last Sunday with their sensational, gory and theatrical performance. The band achieved their international breakthrough after winning the Eurovision Song Contest with their hit ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ in 2006. ALL FOR METAL is the support act of the UNLIVING PICTOUR SHOW. They are more than ready to conquer Europe!

There are no metal clichés left when it comes to ALL FOR METAL, they jacked them all and forged them into a big metal celebration. They immediately grabbed the audience with their solid heavy metal sound and fantastic high vocals. The concert hall was turned into a Valhalla with Hammers, Swords, Metal Gods and War Goddesses. This is bombastic power metal at its best. They take the best of Manowar and sprinkled it with shimmer and irony. What an energy from the beginning to the end by all band members and what a vocal range of Antonio Calanna! It was a great spectacle and certainly a great opener of the evening.

In short, they brought their energy and enthusiasm on stage and showed Enschede what they’re capable of! Now the rest of Europe. It’s gonna be ALL FOR METAL, and Metal for All!

After such energetic performance of ALL FOR METAL, it was time for Mr. Lordi and his horde of monsters to deliver an absolutely flawless performance to an audience avid for their music.

Last year LORDI toured together with SABATON and BABYMETAL, and now the band will tour the stages in Europe with a completely new production of its own. It was the first time that LORDI performed in the city of Enschede, the whole band gave their best to make it a memorable night for their Dutch fans.

With nearly twenty songs, they presented a good overview of their career in their solid setlist. Lordi trade in big singalongs with choruses with little complexity. Even those unfamiliar with their songs are more than able to pick up the refrains of each song. The lyrics are original with a generous slice of humor!

The drum, keyboard, bass and guitar solos, which are usually the preserve of insufferable self-indulgence, were highly enjoyable short musical compositions . They know how to have fun on stage, not taking it all too seriously and giving the audience a true spectacle! It is extremely refreshing in a genre where most bands seem to be concerned with who is the most heavier, satanic or brutal.

LORDI is currently touring in Europe, we can only recommend fans and people who loves a great ‘shocking’ stage act with heavy metal music to go see this band now and experience this monstrous show for themselves!!

All in all, LORDI continues to successfully give his fans the creeps in their unique way with all their theatrical props.

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