Into the Limelight Fest is a small, Dutch, 1-Day metal festival, held in Azotod in De Meern, on November 30, with local bands.
Metalphoto’s Ernst van Rossum made a photo report of the performing bands: ONLY FATE REMAINS,WOLFEN, MARTYR, IZEGRIM & SPOIL ENGINE.

ONLY FATE REMAINS makes a combination of rock/metal with strong melodies, influenced by gothic, atmospheric, melodic and progressive perspectives, combined with the powerful, clear, rock voice of Eva Kokken. WOLFEN is a German band that stylistically stands somewhere between gripping power- and melodic thrash metal. MARTYR is a Dutch veteran heavy metal band. IZEGRIM is a female fronted fast, brutal death/trash metal band from Holland. SPOIL ENGINE is a Flemish Dutch metal band with a Dutch singer. Their music is melodic thrash metal.