Report and photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Old school Death Metal fans were reunited last night to support this rancid Floridian abomination;

M A S S A C R E.

These Floridian death metal maniacs are back. Their newest  EP called ‘’Mythos’’ which was released in July this year by Nuclear Blast records, can be summed up as a small appetizer; once you hear it you will crave for more. Last night, their new songs combined with a few classics in between was the real metal platter of the evening!

N E C R O S Y is the support act for the European tour with Massacre. This Italian technical death metal machine are currently touring with a very talented female guitarist. You can notice that they were more enthusiastic as the audience starts pouring in. The technical approach combined with a brutal sound was definitely embraced by the DM supporters.

Then it was the job of the veterans to quench the metal thirst of the OSDM enthusiasts. Their recent work is as pounding as their classics! There is no denying that Kam Lee is one of the godfathers of Death Metal. His love for this genre remains fervent as ever. He digs the blackest relics from the depths of the human soul with his incomparable growls. Also very entertaining how he constantly made the audience laugh with his funniest jokes. His kind of humor turns to be hilarious! All in all it was a great Tuesday night!
Enjoy our pictures of this concert, they speak for themselves.

Massacre 2022 – Metropool NL