HITTEN – When Passion Lasts Tour

Photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

If you’re into 80’s metal, then by all rights you will love HITTEN!

This Spanish metal band has been on the road for over ten years now. Yesterday, they brought the heat to our city by giving a spectacular performance in Enschede. There is no small or big stage for these guys, they pulled out all the stops to wow the audience. They generate a sound that immediately catches the ear; thundering drums, blazing riffs, electrifying solos…. and a lead singer with a jaw-dropping vocal range!  It was a downright nostalgic performance that is reminiscent of the heavy and glam metal from the 80’s, but at the same time refined with the tight and powerful techniques of today. If you didn’t know HITTEN was a ‘modern rock band’ you’d swear they were from the 80’s.

People nostalgic for some 80’s glam-heavy metal should give HITTEN a try. We can’t wait to see them again this summer at Wacken Open Air – Wasteland stage.

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