Into the Grave 2015 Metalfestival

Leeuwarden, August 8, 2015
By: Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

For the fifth time in a row the Oldehoofster-Graveyard in Leeuwarden was jam-packed with metal fans. Into the Grave festival is steadily growing in popularity! Approximately 7,000 visitors attended this sold out festival, mainly to witness great performances of the big three: Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Sepultura.

Sepultura is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. This immensely popular Brazilian band is doing an extensive European tour in July, August and November. On this tour they will perform a special setlist featuring songs they usually don’t play live. Sepulfans at Into the Grave were lucky they took part of this celebration and sang a long all the classics this band has released for the past 30 years like; Troops of Doom, Inner Self, Dead Embryonic Cells, Arise, From the Past Comes the Storm, Propaganda and Territory. Other songs they performed that evening were; Kairos, Apes of God, Breed Apart, Convicted in Life, Under my Skin, Choke, Cut-throat, Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots.

Sepultura's frontman Derick Green performing on stage

We absolutely enjoyed Avatar as well, they did an outstanding stage presentation from the beginning till the end. They brought everyone on the Graveyard into life with their catchy riffs, you could literally feel the ground under your feet trembling like an earthquake. Also Sabaton should not be underestimated. This Swedish headliner closed the festival with the thundering sounds of power metal, supported by heavy artillery fireworks, confetti cannons and flamethrowers.

Metal band Avatar's guitar player

The first name for the 6th edition of Into The Grave has already been announced: EXODUS! Presale has started already. More acts for the line-up 2016 will be published later this year.

Click HERE for the full photoreport of Into The Grave of the following bands: Audrey Horne, AvatarAvatar, Cannibal Corpse, Ensiferum, the always friendly guys of Obituary, Sepultura and Sabaton.