Exclusive show Airbourne in the Netherlands

Exclusive show Airbourne in the Netherlands
on May 29th Atak ENSCHEDE

by Jeanny Petrocchi

The Australian Band Airbourne gave a hell of a performance last weekend at the venue of Atak in Enschede, The Netherlands. This quartet have been proudly walking the Rock ’n Roll path since their early teenage years, inspired by the music of Motörhead and AC/DC. BADASS Rock ‘n Roll with great solos and a vocalist with a dynamic vocal range who sounds like he rinses his mouth every morning with a cocktail of whiskey, oil and razor blades. The Airbourne band members are very talented musicians, they play beer-fueled hard rock at high energy levels. This photoreport speaks for itself.
What makes Airbourne so special is that all of their songs are really good, usually in the same faster AC/DC mold, and the band exudes energy and excitement.
All in all, Airbourne give a continuously nostalgic performance that any hard rock or metal fan would find worthwhile.