Churches take over: Moontowers – Asphyx

Report and photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Due to the Corona outbreak, as you probably know, this year all concerts and festivals have been cancelled. But venues and even churches are currently bringing some innovative ways for metalheads to attend corona-proof concerts.
Tastes differ however: in events of this kind, lots of music fans rather enjoy the music standing up or want to release their frustration or happiness in a moshpit instead of watching the whole show seated. But in times of Corona, we all have to be sensible by following the guidelines and supporting our favorite bands in these difficult times.

In a big church with limited capacities for visitors, we experienced a great performance with a ‘celestial’ touch.

Kreuzeskirchen – Essen, Germany

This church session was sold out in no time. Outside the church people were offering €200 euros for tickets. But as die-hard fans, no one wanted to sell their ticket even for that amount!
Moontowers, a heavy metal band from Koblenz that was formed in 2017, was the opening act of this church session. This band consist of great musicians from Blueside, Secutor, Metal Inquisitor and Desaster. We have enjoyed a few songs of ‘’Crimson Harvest” their latest album that was released in April this year.

After listening a few classic tracks from the DJ like ‘God is dead’ from Carnivore, among others, it was the turn of the Dutch death metal masters to make their appearance on stage; Asphyx.
There never was a dull moment. Everyone was headbanging while seated on the powerful drive of guitar riffs and Van Drunen’s pain suffering death growl, having the time of their lives.
Enjoy our pictures of this concert, they speak for themselves.