Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

Californian death grinders BRUJERIA are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut album ‘Matando Güeros’. In the early nineties, this album was one of those hardest and brutal albums with a shocking cover where you could get your teenage claws on. The album was controversial due to its artwork and content and was banned in many countries. And yet here they are in 2023 on a ‘’Matando Güeros 30 yrs anniversary Tour!’’ A teenage sentiment that doesn’t perish!

After giving a hell of a performance at Obscene Extreme Festival, they came to The Netherlands on Monday to wreck the place down in dB’s Utrecht with MOUFLON as support.

Hitting the stage with a vengeance, MOUFLON tore through a tight set, bringing their Old school doom/death metal to the fans last Monday in dB’s Utrecht. They delivered an excellent no-nonsense old school sound that goes back to the early nineties. The gentlemen guaranteed a tight and great performance, darker and more evil, but still averse to modern influences. Vocalist RJ roamed the stage connecting with the audience with his penetrating look and giving his purest evil guttural aggressive sound. Without a doubt, these guys really work hard to put themselves on the map! Next they will be hitting Stonehenge Festival! Don’t miss it!

Setlist MOUFLON: Ode to the Beast Inside – Wolves among the Sheep – Filth and Violence – On the front Line – Remembered by Skin – The relentless process of Decay – Primordial Human – Death by a thousand cuts – Weak modern World – Violent Mind.

What can I say about BRUJERIA that hasn’t been said before; they slay, they give no fucks, they smoke weed on stage and they swing machetes around. The mystery-bound men of Brujeria took the stage and all of us hostage for an hour to give us a brutal lesson about Mexican Cartels, crime, murder and dirty politics. With bandanas covering their faces to perpetuate their Mexican outlaw storyline, Brujeria perfectly portrays the Mexican stereotype, even down to the Machete hanging off of Brujo’s hip. They are infamous for the terms Matando Güeros, La Migra, Marijuana y Brujerizmo. There is a wit and political brilliance as sharp as Juan Brujo’s machete edge! You won’t find any lyrics about sunny Acapulco or the popular vacation destination of Cancun. Brujo, Pinche Peach and El Sangrón were dancing throughout the songs smiling from bandana to bandana, they quickly managed to arouse the audience with non-stop moshing. This was one sweaty pit of a gig. Last Monday night proved that perhaps it might take a while for a band to come together but when Brujeria do make their rare appearances, they are undoubtedly the jefe’s of the night.

Setlist BRUJERIA: Leyes Narcos – Sacrificio – Santa Lucía – Seis Seis Seis – Cruza La Frontera – Greñudos Locos – Chingo de Mecos – Narcos Satánicos – Desperado – Machetazos – Culeros – Misas Negras –  Chinga tu Madre – Verga del Brujo – Cristo de la Roca – Castigo del Brujo – La Migra – Colas de Rata – Henchando Chingasos – La Ley del Plomo – Marcha de Odio – Revolución – Consejos Narcos – Brujerizmo – Matando Güeros – Marijuana

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