Report and photography by ©Jeanny Petrocchi, METALPHOTO

Metal, beer, and Vikings. Great combination for a midweek show. AMON AMARTH hailing all the way from Sweden, invaded Tilburg’s Poppodium 013 as a part of their latest raid, The Great Heathen Tour. Although this time they arrive in a tour bus, not in longships. Tilburg was lucky enough to be on this tour stop. This European tour will include a total of 12 shows across 10 countries. The Support act of these Giants of Viking metal were the Dutch Death Doom Masters – ASPHYX

What can we say about ASPHYX? Nothing much, it was definitely just another smashing show into our faces. They kicked off the night with their crushingly death metal sound making it clear that they were more than worthy to be the support act of the Vikings! Asphyx never disappoints, each show is brutal and you can’t stop headbanging even on the doomy parts. They still prove that they are a well-oiled machine of war, rolling over obstacles with ease and grinding up opposition. After all these years the well has not run dry yet of catchy riffs and solid hooks that ensures that ASPHYX has not become a repetitive bore. In addition, the massive energy on stage still gives you an uppercut from an unexpected angle. The insanely catchy riffs of Baayens, Van Drunen’s voice as filthy and rotten as ever, and the full force hammering drums of Husky together with Zuur’s merciless brutal bass sound, left the audience mesmerized without losing any sort of jaw-dropping intensity! Last but not least,  if the DEATHHAMMER didn’t hit you, you’re fucked!

Setlist Asphyx: The Quest of Absurdity – Botox Implosion – Scorbutics – Deathhammer – Division Brandenburg – Molten Black Earth – It Came from the Skies – Knights Templar Stand – Forerunners of the Apocalypse – Last One on Earth

AMON AMARTH has developed a strong following over the years, thanks to their unique blend of melodic death metal and Norse mythology-inspired themes. They continue to cement itself as one of the biggest and boldest musical acts in metal today. An Amon Amarth show is something that must be witnessed at least once in your lifetime.

These quintet powered their way through an expansive setlist filled with songs fit for Norse Gods. Hitting off with favorite ‘’Guardians Of Asgard’’, these Swedes kicked some serious ass from the very first second until the very last note of their last song on their setlist. They had the audience singing, pumping fists and creating a whirlwind of banging heads. Everything about an Amon Amarth performance is built around the goal of their fans having a blast and going back home feeling like they experienced a mind-blowing performance instead of an average concert. It’s no surprise that Amon Amarth still stand tall and continues to reign terror.

With this being said, this band accomplished their job not only by having an outstanding stage décor full of Vikings attributes but also by reaching out to the audience. Put your back into the Oar! Row! Row! Row! Fans were rowing in imaginary longships heading to its final course. Rowing for a triumphant end, to glory wars and for victory into history.

Setlist Amon Amarth: Guardians of Asgaard – Raven’s Flight – The Great Heathen Army – War of the Gods – Heidrun – Death in Fire – The Pursuit of Vikings – Deceiver of the Gods – Find a Way or Make One – Put Your Back Into the Oar – Destroyer of the Universe – The Way of Vikings – The Berserker at Stamford Bridge – First Kill – Shield Wall – Raise Your Horns – Twilight of the Thunder God

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