The following links will get you to the photo series of the festivals:


Kickass festival (NL)


Dokk’em Open Air (NL), with ANNIHILATOR, ARKONA, METAL CHURCH, NAPALM DEATH and many other bands.
Dong Open Air (DE)
Into the Grave (NL)

Occultfest (NL)
Stonehenge (NL)
Turock Open Air (DE)
Wacken Open Air (DE)
Zwarte Cross – The Roadhouse : Navarone (NL)
Zwarte Cross – The Roadhouse : Slim Cessna’s Autoclub (USA)


Deathkult Open Air (DE) with VULCANO (Brazil) – NIFELHEIM (SE)-Dies Ater (DE)- Acherontas (GR) -Necrowretch (FR) – Blacklodge (FR) – Hell Militia (FR/NL) – The Ruins of Beverast (DE) -Marduk (SE) – Mgla (PL), Necroblood (FR) and Weltbrand (NL).

Distortion II with Dying Fetus (USA) – Adept (SE) – Hypocrisy (SE) – Rectal Smegma (NL) – Heaven shall Burn (DE) – Satyricon (NO) – Papa Roach (USA) – Alpha Tiger (DE)- Death (USA) and Havok (DE).
Dokk’em Open Air Festival (NL)
Into the Grave (NL) with Devil Driver
Into the Grave (NL) with Satyricon
Kings of Black Metal (DE) with Svarttjern, Sargeist, Proclamation, Nocturnal Dpression, Hades, Tsjuder, Troll, Ragnarok, Horna, Carpathian Forest.
Metalfest Open Air Festival at Loreley (DE) with Witchcraft, Equilibrium, Six Feet Under, Paradise Lost & Doro; Delain, Grailknights, Majesty, Hypocrisy, JBO, Soulfly, Accept, Down & Slayer; Kadavar, Essence, Krisiun, Suicidal Angels, Treshhold, Turisas, Kvelertak & Wintersun.
PartySan Open Air Festival (DE) with Farsot, Denial of God, Alcest, Destroyer 666, Carpathian Forest, Legion of the Damned, Heaven Shall Burn, Graveyard, Gutalax, Shining, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Anaal Nathrak, Primordial, Unleashed, Dying Fetus, Hypocrisy, Tsjuder, Obscura, Helrunar, Korpiklaani, Carcass, Destruction, Venom.
Under the Black Sun Festival (DE)
Veneration of the Dead (NL) with Grift, Gheestenland, Hekel, Funeral Winds, Verbum Veres, Weltbrand, Svartidaudi, Angantyr, Ancient Rites.
Wacken Open Air (DE)
Zwarte Cross (NL)
Zwolsch Zwaar Nieuw Jaar with Vanderbuyst, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Melechesh and Bliksem at Hedon, Zwolle (NL)


Aurora Infernalis 4 (2012) with Archgoat (FIN), One Tail One Head (NOR) & Funeral Winds (NL)
Baroeg Open Air in Rotterdam (NL) with ICED EARTH, Evergrey, Steel Engraved, Dead Shape Figure.

Deathkult O.A. 2012 (DE)
Dokk’em Open Air with Vanderbuyst, Death Angel, Arch Enemy, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Moonspell,Obituary, The Gathering, Ancient Rites, Pro-Pain, Hail Of Bullets, Trail Of Tears, Glorior Belli, Eden’s Curse, Devious
Hard & Heavy (NL) with Marduk, Onslaught a.o.
Headbanging Enschede(NL) with
Into the Grave 2 with Bolt Thrower, Enslaved, Grave, Hell, and several Dutch bands.
Kings of Black Metal (DE)
Metalfest Open Air Festival at Loreley (DE) Day 1
Metalfest Open Air Festival at Loreley (DE) Day 2
Metalfest Open Air Festival at Loreley (DE) Day 3
Occultfest(NL) with Snaggletooth, KaoZ, Ex Libris.
Party San O.A. 2012 (DE) with ImmortalIn Solitude – Necros Christos – Vallenfyre – Solstafir – Bolt ThrowerDark Fortress, Ghost Brigade, Haradwaith and Nile, Cashley, Rectal Smegma, Nocte Obducta, Archgoat,, Toxic Holocaust, Warbringer , Revel in Flesh.

Roadgrill with the Dutch heavy metal bandsRoadkill, Boneheadz, Picture, Firewind and Primal Fear

Stonehenge Festival with Bendiction (UK) – Morgoth (DE) – Suffocation (USA)- Panchrysia (BE) – Municipal Waste (USA) -3D Machine (NL)
Thronefest (BE)
Under the Black Sun XV (DE) with Acherontas (GR) – Blackdeath (RUD) – Blaze of Perdition (POL) – Kampfar (NOR)- Forteresse (CA) – Salacious Gods (NL) – SARKOM (NOR) – Isvind (NOR) – Nargaroth (DE) and other black metal bands.
Zwarte Cross (NL)


Aurora Infernalis 3
Dokk’em Open Air (NL)
Elsrock (NL)
Havenrock (NL)
Kings of Black metal (NL)
Monsters of Mariaheide (NL)
Metalfest Open Air Festival (DE) Day 1
Metalfest Open Air Festival (DE) Day 2
Os Moe is Troe (BE)
PartySan Open Air(DE) Day 1
PartySan Open Air(DE) Day 2
Sinister Howling
Stonehenge Festival


Black Trolls over Europe

more to follow…


more to follow …