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Arsis (USA) (2010)
Asphyx (NL) (2010)
Asphyx (NL) (2011)
Asphyx (DE) (2020)

Bolt Thrower (UK) (2010)
Bolt Thrower (UK) (2014) at Baroeg Open Air (NL)
Cannibal Corpse (2012)
Cannibal Corpse (USA) 2010
Cannibal Corpse in NOLA (2010)

Deicide (USA) (2010)
Deicide (USA) (2011)
Despondency (DE) (2007)
Devil Driver (USA) (2008)
Devious (NL) (2014: farewell party with Deifecation and Extreem Eczeem)
Dying Fetus (USA) (2009)

Entombed (SE) (2009)
Entombed (SE) (2010)
Erebus (NL) (2010)

Fall of Serenity (DE) (2008)

God Dethroned (NL) (2009)
God Dethroned (NL) (2010)
God Dethroned (NL) (2011)
Grave (SE) (2010)

Hail of Bullets (NL) (2009) (in Atak)
Hail of Bullets (NL) (2012) with Funeral Whore & Neckbreak Nation (NL)
Hatesphere (DK) (2008)
Human Mincer (ES) (2008)

I Chaos (NL) (2012)
Infested Blood (BR) (2010)

Kataklysm (CAN) (2009)
Kataklysm (CAN) (2011)
Keep of Kalessin(NOR) (2009)
Krisiun(BR) (2009)

Legion of the Damned (2012)

Macabre (USA) (2013)
Malevolent Creation (USA) (2009)
Malevolent Creation (USA) (2011)
Master (USA) at their Bleeding Europe Tour (2012) with Deprofundis (UK) and Dehuman (BE)
Melechesh (NL) (2009)
Melechesh (NL) (2011) with Nile (USA), Dew Scented, Zonaria and Darkrise
Misery Index (USA) (2011)
Misery Index (USA) (2012)
Monolith Death Cult (NL) (2011)
Moontowers (DE) (2020)

Morbid Angel (USA) (2011)

Neaera (DE) (2011)

Obituary (USA) (2012)
Obscura (SE) (2009)
Overkill (USA) (2011)

Pestilence (NL) with Bloodsin (NL)
Possessed (USA)

Sepultura (BR) with The Lucifer Principle (NL)

The Faceless (USA)
The Lucifer Principle (NL) (2010)
The Rotted (UK) (2009)
The Rotted (UK) (2010)

Unearth (USA) (2009)
Unleashed (SE) (2009)

Vader (POL) (2009)
Vader (POL) (2011)
VandenBerg’s Moonkings (NL) (2014)
Vermin (NL) (2011)
Vomit (BE) (2010)
Vomitory (SE) (2009) @ Baroeg

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