VandenBergs Moonkings @ Atak

Enschede October 10, 2014

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Before they headed off to Japan for a show, the Dutch death metalband Vandenberg’s Moonkings announced that they will be performing at the venue in their hometown where their great adventure started …. Poppodium Atak in Enschede, The Netherlands. Vandenberg’s Moonkings started their European tour last February and ever since their first gig they managed to touch many souls with their music. We couldn’t expect less. Vandenberg has choosen his talented bandmembers wisely and with their expertise this mindblowing band was formed.

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

The audience in Atak enjoyed of the authentic, modern take of classic rock of Vandenberg’s Moonkings. Check out the photoreport of this performance here.Besides their new songs they also played several well known ones, such as Burning heart and Here we go again. As the band stated on social media, they can’t wait to kick some Sumo sized ass at the mighty LoudPark Festival in Tokyo! Goodluck and have fun guys!

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Bolt Thrower at Baroeg O.A.

Rotterdam, September 20, 2014

by: Chérie, Metalphoto

Baroeg Open Air is an annual, one day, free Music Festival, held in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam and organized by the famous poppodium Baroeg. Their line up is always amazingly good. This year the main stage counted several metal bands in various styles. The atmosphere at the festival was very nice; the vast community parc provided a peaceful and romatic ambiance, which was enhanced by the surprisingly good ‘indian summer’type of weather so late in the year. 7500 cheerful visitors had come to the festival and enjoyed music, played on three stages. A vast array of booths provided a lively market where records and band stuff could be bought.
We exclusively went to see and photograph the UK Death Metal band Bolt Thrower on the main stage: the main act of this festival.

Click on this link to go to the photoreport.

This band has been around for close to three decades, but keeps expressing the same young spirit and enthusiasm as back in the eighties.

The band, with their sympathetic frontman Karl Willets, attracted a full house at the main stage. In a show that lasted over an hour they satisfied the fans that had come from all over the country to listen to the well know repertoire that stood as a rock.

Malevolent Creation & support in Amsterdam

August 20, 2014 Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam (NL)
by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last wednesday we were at Winston Kingdom, a small venue just a few footsteps away from the red light district in Amsterdam, for another metal concert. Again, the organizer of this event, Snook Bookings, nailed it. Last time with Terrorizer in Utrecht and last wednesday in Amsterdam. Again a sold out show.
As usual a full house. The first performance was by the dutch band Ecocide, young guys really kicking asses with some old school death metal. It was a delighted warm up show for the audience.



The next band was De Profundis from London. After being blown away with old school death metal we switched to some progressive metal. We hope to see more of these guys in the near future. The beginning is there, we will not forget their names after THAT show in Amsterdam. They have been touring with Malevolent Creation in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

Sinister is not an unknown band and specially not in The Netherlands. They were very entertaining as always, giving all they’ve got with their characteristic sound and with their continuous input of energy on stage. Sinister style remains brutal, honest and satisfactory.

Drummer Sinister


Headliner Malevolent Creation was also mindblowing. You can put them on a big stage at party San Open Air, or just a small stage at a small cozy venue in Amsterdam. One thing is for sure, these guys always deliver, no matter where or what the circumstances are. The guitar riffs were relentless, they work great with speed. Also a great combination with the vocals of Brett, this guy growls from the heart.
All in all it was a succes. Kudo’s to Snook Bookings, for booking again a great sold-out show were every single soul were having fun. I had hard times shooting pics from the audience, it was risky because of the constant pit they were having in a small venue and the lack of light which made it more difficult. But we had a great time and that is what counts. Keep an eye on Snook Bookings events, more greatness is on the way!

Terrorizer concert

Bloodgod, Teethgrinder Terrorizer in DBs, Utrecht (NL), August 7, 2014

by: Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

We went to Utrecht at the DBs venue to be part of a sold out show of Terrorizer with opening act of Bloodgod and Teethgrinder.
Bloodgod, never heard of them before, but Gosh they were great and funny. We hope to see more of this Dutch death metal band from Utrecht. Teethgrinder were having some difficulties with the drumkit, but they’ve have managed to bring a quick solution so they can entertain the audience with their songs.

Terrorizer in DBs

Terrorizer in DBs

And then it was the turn for Terrorizer to make their appearance on stage. Besides the photographers, everyone were having fun slamming into each other on the mighty tunes of this legendary grindcore band. Founding legendary drummer Pete Sandoval (ex-morbid angel) performed together with the guitarist Lee Harrison (Monstrosity) and Sam Molina on bass and vocals.

Check out the photo’s of Jeanny Petrocchi of this concerthere.

Wacken Open Air 25 Photoreport

Wacken (DE), July 31- August 1 & 2, 2014

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Wacken Open Air 2014

Wacken Open Air 2014

Germany does not only have one of the best soccer team in the world, but it also has world’s biggest metal festival: Wacken Open Air.
This year, on their 25th anniversary, Wacken offered the usual vast variety of metal. Over 100 bands performed at this huge, three days, festival. Among these bands were headliners such as Motorhead, King Diamond, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Emperor, Megadeth, Kreator, Sodom and Amon Amarth which made their appearance on the Black Stage and True metal Stage. Also there were many other great bands that performed on the wet stage, headbanger stage and party stage.


We also have the results of the 10th edition of the International metal battle finals. The winner this year is In Mute from Spain. 2nd place Dirty Shirt from Rumania. 3rd place Huldre from Denmark. 4th place Evocation from China and 5th place Convivum from Sweden.

Check our photo report of some impressions at the Wacken village and several bands that performed at this annual event.
Bands that are already confirmed for 2015 are:
Transiberian Orchetstra – Savatage – Running Wild – In Flames – In Extremo – U.D.O. – Sabaton – Amorphis – Death Angel – Powerwolf – Ensiferum – Kataklysm – Cannibal Corpse – Sepultura – Thyrfing
Sad news for the ones that didn’t get a ticket yet: the Wacken 2015 tickets are already sold out for the 10th time in a row and in less than 24 hours!

Wacken Open Air 2014

Wacken Open Air 2014

Zwarte Cross Festivalverslag 2014

Na jarenlang verwend te zijn met drie dagen van de beste metal op het Aardschok Podium moesten de metalheads op de Zwarte Cross het vorig jaar doen met een redelijk leuke Meltdown. Toch was de sfeer er … laten we zeggen… anders. In 2014 gooide De Feestfabriek het bij de Zwarte Cross over weer een andere boeg, namelijk met een intiem podium voor Underground Rock en een beetje Metal: The Roadhouse.Zwarte-Cross-Logo Op zich geen slechte zaak, want de grote namen uit de metalwereld doen ons landje al vaak genoeg aan op andere podia. The Roadhouse is een intieme schuur (Barn) waar slechts een paar honderd man in passen. Er trad veel Nederlands talent op, te beginnen op vrijdagmiddag, waaronder de indruk wekkende Nijmeegse stoner-achtige rock band Navarone. Maar er waren ook veel Amerikaanse bands op bezoek. Zoals op vrijdagavond de alternatieve Country Punk Rockers Slim Cessna’s Autoclub uit Denver, die onze absolute favoriet was gevolgd door de New Yorkse punkband Dirty Fences en om middernacht stond als hoofdact hun stadgenoot Jon Spencer Blues Explosion op het podium, met alternatieve rock.
Op zaterdagavond was o.a. de Finse hardrockband Santa Cruz te zien en de Amerikaanse Red Fang uit Montana, maar ook het internationaal bekende Nederlandse trio De Wolff, bekend van o.a. PinkPop 2010. Dit blues trio trad overigens ook eerder die avond op op het Hoofdpodium; om die tijd concurreerden ze met The Pheromones in The Roadhouse. Voor ons geen moeilijke keuze, The Pheromones rockten meer naar onze smaak.
Op zondagmiddag speelde, na een warming up door o.a. het Nederlandse Traumahelikopter -die we helaas misten doordat de cross een te aantrekkelijk programma bood – en de enthousiasmerende Spaanse hardrockband 77, het razend populaire Eindhovense Peter Pan Speedrock, voor een volgepakte schuur. Het daarop volgende Utrechtse Birth of Joy (bekend van DWDD en PinkPop) boeide een uur lang met hun unieke sound van moderne psychelisch aandoende rock. Dit trio bestaat uit de energieke frontman vocalist en gitarist Kevin Stunnenberg, bijgestaan door organist, Gertjan Gutman, die bij tijd en wijle de sound van Ray Manzarek (Doors) feilloos weet op te roepen en drummer Bob Hogenelst . De grand finale was voor de Zweedse heavy rockband Truckfighters maar toen waren wij, na 3 dagen uiterst geslaagde festiviteiten, helaas de terugtocht al aangevangen.

Op de website van de Zwarte Cross staat nog het programma van The Roadhousee waar je ook naar muziekfragmenten van alle geprogrammeerde bands kunt luisteren.

Dong Open Air

17-18-19 July Neukirchen-Vluyn

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last weekend we were at the Moshmore Hill for Dong Open Air.
When we arrived we were told that we can take a shuttle to the hill. After 2 hours waiting, we decided to climb the hill and carrying our backpack and cameras. We were very exhausted and almost dehydrated because it was 35 degrees. Therefore, because of these circumstances we’ve missed a few bands on Thursday. Besides the shuttle service, everything was well organized. It’s a cozy festival were you can eat well, and drink delicious Desperados. Because of two days of excessive warmth, the volunteers were spraying everyone with water to freshen up. There were firemen and Red cross volunteers at the premises to intervene in case of an accident or injuries.
Click HERE for a full photo report of the performing bands:
There was a great after show on Friday from PAPPE OF DESTINY. They performed a great Rammstein playback show and ofcourse combined with fireworks.
After the show we spoke to our colleagues from the press and several Arch enemy fans to hear what they think of the new singer Alissa White-Gluz. Well of the 30 people we have talked with, only 1 guy said that he was blown away. The other opinions were ‘’She’s ok. But she’s not Angela Gossow’’.
Personally I think she did a very good job. With time she will feel more comfortable on stage and dealing with a huge fan club will be a piece of cake for her. Vocals and stage presence were really great. It’s not easy to even or top a great female singer such as Angela Gossow. We think she will be soon there delivering as much as energy as the former singer of Arch Enemy but in her OWN way, no doubt about it. It’s just the beginning!
Last but not least a very special thanks for the entire crew of Dong Open air! Up to next year!

Nile concert at Poppodium Metropool, Hengelo (NL)


On Sunday 29th of June 2014 we were at the Nile show at the venue of Metropool. As you may know, the spelling music and lyrics of this American death metal band is inspired by ancient Egyptian history.
The band is curently working on a new album and we were very impressed by the new songs they played at this concert, which was held in the cosy small venue of Poppodium Metropool.

To all Nile fans: we advise you to keep an eye on the Nile website, for the release date of their new album, At the Gate of Sethu.

Photography: Jeanny Petrocchi