Metal op Nijmeegse Vierdaagse Feesten

Op zaterdag 12 juli 2014 zijn de fameuze Vierdaagse Feesten in Nijmegen begonnen en ze trapten deze avond meteen goed af met een portie metal.
Tussen alle activiteiten zijn er wat weinig metal concerten

Through the Struggle

Through the Struggle

Metalphoto maakte foto’s van de volgend bands op podium Voerweg, Valkhofpark Nijmegen.:
19 – 19:30 uur: Through the struggle
Through The Struggle is de winnaar van de Roos van Nijmegen 2014. Na in 2010 begonnen te zijn als hardcoreband hebben ze het roer wat omgegooid en zijn ze naar een meer dynamisch en melodische sound gegroeid.

21:30 – 22:30: Monomyth:
Monomyth uit Den Haag laveert met het grootste gemak tussen psychedelische rock, spacerock, krautrock en stonerrock. (Foto’s volgen nog)
23:15 – 00:15: Pro-Pain
Het New Yorkse Pro-Pain werd begin jaren negentig opgericht en laten sindsdien overal een verpletterende indruk achter met hun unieke, ongehoord strakke en energieke mix van hardcore met metal. (Foto’s volgen nog)


Dokk’em Open Air 2014 Metal Festival

Dragon Girls

Dragon Girls

Dokk’em Open Air 20 & 21 June 2014 Again this year we went to Dokkum, located in the county of Friesland, The Netherlands, for a two days festival of the Dokk’em Open Air Metal Festival. The festival and camping were jam packed with metalheads. They all came to see an incredible line up with a wide range of variety of metal that DOA had to offer this year again.

Besides music for all ears, there were special fire acts by the sexy Dragon Girls and funny but very entertaining music of “De boodschappers van het algemene nut” which means “The messengers of the public benefit”.

On the 2nd day, unfortunately TROLL had to cancel and in a short time the organization of DOA managed to replace them with a Dutch black metal band called Cirith Gorgor.
Other bands on this day were Nocturnus AD, M.O.D., Freedom Call, Mayan, Arkona, Napalm Death, Gamma Ray, Death DTA and Metal Church.

Big thanks go to the entire organization of DOA and last but not least the volunteers which makes this festival possible. Up to next year!

Click here for the full photo report of the performing bands Carach Angren, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Vicious Rumors and Annihilator on Day One and Cirith Gorgor, Nocturnus AD, M.O.D., Freedom Call, Mayan, Arkona, Napalm Death, Gamma Ray, Death DTA and Metal Church and their enthusiastic audience.

Audience Dokk'em Open Air

Audience Dokk’em Open Air

Photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Devious farewell party with Deifecation and Extreem Eczeem

Saturday May 24th, we were at the farewell show of Devious at the Metropool venue in Hengelo, The Netherlands.
After 13 years, the band decided to stop, but not without throwing a big party. Everyone who participated in this band for the past 13 years, had one last chance to shred, growl, slap the bass or hit the drums on the stage.



Deifecation and Extreem Eczeem reunited for this special occasion.
Jeanny Petrocchi shot a nice photo report on this occasion.

Sargeist & Nightbringer – Photos of Disciples Tour

Photo’s of the Disciples of the Void Tour of the Black Metal bands Sargeist (FIN) & Nightbringer (USA) (2014) taken by Metalphoto in Willemeen, Arnhem (March 23 2014) are now on line!

Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.

Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.

This fine Underground Show was the first multi-national export product of the German organizer Drohende Schatten, who specializes in this genre. A venue packed with true lovers of Black Metal had come from all over The Netherlands to watch and listen to a selection of quite esoteric bands: Irkallian Oracle (Sweden), Sargeist (Finland), Pseudogod (Russian Federation), Nightbringer (USA).
Irkallian Oracle, was here for the first time and impressed with their psychedelic Black Metal, dressed in monkshoods and playing on a dark, red lighted stage. We present an atmospheric impression of two beloved underground bands: Sargeist and Nightbringer, who both are convincingly true to the old roots of BM.

If you like these pictures you may also like Chants of Evil, Metalphoto’s book on Black Metal, which is still available from our Metalphoto shop and from Amazon !

Nightbringer (Usa), Sargeist (Fin), Pseudogod (Rus) + Irkallian Oracle (Swe)

Disciples of the Void Tour

Disciples of the Void Tour

Today, Sunday March 23 in WILLEMEEN, Arnheim (NL): an international array of Black Metal bands: Nightbringer (Usa), Sargeist (Fin), Pseudogod (Rus) + Irkallian Oracle (Swe), in the Disciples of the Void Tour.



18:00h Irkallian Oracle
19:15h Pseudogod
20:30h Sargeist
21:45h Nightbringer

Checkout Metalphoto’s report next week!!

Interview Sepultura / Andreas Kisser

By Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto – March 7, 2014

Metalphoto: First of all thank you for this opportunity Andreas. Tell us about the new album: The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart
Andreas: Album came out Sepultura_6_van_25_last year, about October. We took about 4 to 5 months to write everything. We started working on it last year in February/March. And then already in June we went to the US to record the album with Ross Robinson, which was the producer of the Roots album we did back in 95. So it was cool to meet Ross again, you know, he really understands the band and the way he records is very much the way we like to record, very organic, you know, like jamming in the room and stuff. So it was a perfect choice. We spend like a month and a half in Venice beach at his house, Continue reading

Interview Legion of the Damned

By Jeanny, Metalphoto – with Harold Gielen and Twan van Geel

If you never heard of Legion of the Damned before, you have probably been swallowed by a black hole far far away in the unknown galaxy…. Anyway, your chance is here to go and see them for they’re currently touring Europe with Sepultura from Brazil. Metalphoto interviewed the Dutch death/trash metal band, on this occasion.

Legion_of_the_Damned_3_van_27_Metalphoto: Hi guys, tell us a little bit about your latest album, Ravenous Plague.
Harold: Ravenous Plague album is a new album and is released in the first week of January by Napalm Records. Continue reading