Hardrock @Zwarte Cross 2018

Lichtenvoorde (NL), July 13, 2018

by: Chérie

The largest, greatest and also most peculiar and humorous summer festival in The Netherlands is the Zwarte Cross (translated: Black Cross) : where motor cross, theater and music meet. With 33 stages and over 200.000 yearly visitors, this 4-days festival is absolutely unique in its kind.
As for motorcross, apart from stunts such as freestyle motor cross, parades with hilarious vehicles were held, much to the joy of tens of thousands of spectators.

This year the serious motor cross matches were of outstanding level: the finales of the prestigeous Dutch masters of motorcross were held in the 85, 125, 250 and 500 cc classes. Additionally, for the first time at the Black Cross, the spectacular side car races were held as well.
Check out this link to our report on the side car match.

Adjacent to the heavily roaring sounds of the Motor cross at the legendary Zwarte Cross, very suitably, the old American barn “The Roadhouse” is situated. This is the venue where fans of loud hard rock music go. Unlike previous editions one is not confined to the relatively small and sweaty indoors anymore, to enjoy the atmosphere, while standing on your feet in a packed audience. This year, a lovely terrace was placed adjacent to the stage, from where one could enjoy the music, seated, having a drink or a meal. Good for you Zwarte Cross organizers! Finally you have treated us, rockers, as humans and no longer as cattle :)

As a metal photographer, of course I joined the action withín the Roadhouse, to present you a catching eye witness view of the scenes on stage. This report from The Roadhouse is on three interesting, upcoming bands, two from the Netherlands and one from Germany. Certain Animals, from Rotterdam (NL), are only one year young, but their sound is already very mature. The Roadhouse was packed early and the audience reacted very enthusiastic to the very familiar sounding guitar chords of this trio.

Certain Animals

Certain Animals

Death Alley

Death Alley

Death Alley had played before at the 2016 edition of Zwarte Cross and is clearly a darling of the audience. This is most certainly, next tot their exclusive sound, due to the charismatic frontman and singer Douwe Truijens and the dark image of former Devil’s blood guitarist Oeds Beydals.

Late in the evening Kadavar, a German trio from Berlin, with their extremely talented and frantic looking drummer Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt as eye catcher, mesmerized us completely. Kadaver was erected in 2010 and have released six full albums since, through Nuclear Blast and made several world tours.

Kadaver (DE)

Kadaver (DE)

Just across the street from the Roadhouse was Ground Hero: the track for Free Style motor cross (FMX) stunts.



Side Car race @ Zwarte Cross

Side Car race @ Zwarte Cross

At this site the spec-tacu-lar front flip was performed by Frantisec Maka. The other stuntmen were Martin Koren, Julien Manon. In the picture on the right we catch a glimpse of the side car race on the Cross track, behind the Roadhouse.

On the other side of the vast premises of the Zwarte Cross Festival, the mainstage was also hosting a few rock and metalbands. A more mainstream type of music though, as can be expected at a festival that is meant for the masses. In the afternoon we watched Jett Rebel there on stage, who is an immensely popular young Dutch rockstar.
Headliner that Friday night the 13 th, was Volbeat, the popular rock band from Denmark. Volbeat has been around since 2001 and play very routined and self assured. Volbeat knows a large Dutch fan base, mostly from their own generation. They had a blast, during the long performance of their idols!
Next year the Zwarte Cross will be held on July, 18, 19, 20 en 21 in Lichtenvoorde, close to the Dutch-German border. Don’t miss it!!!!
For you, foreign visitors, who want to taste the contemporary Dutch culture: skip Amsterdam and come and spend your vacation at the Zwarte Cross, in the lush green Achterhoek, right on the other (generally quiet country-) side of The Netherlands. The festival has several campgrounds, one of them is very luxurous. Come and stay at the Zwarte Cross, a festival for people of all ages and tastes and I bet you’ll find that you’ve never had more fun in your life!

Satyricon @ Patronaat


Frontman Satyr of Satyricon


March 6, 2018 was the start of the 2nd lag of Satyricons European Tour. On stage, in the packed smaller of the two venues of Patronaat, Haarlem, the band looked and sounded fresh and energetic. To the extreme joy of the audience after the new opening song Midnight Serpent, not only songs from the new CD Deep Calleth Upon Deep were played. Far from that, many great hits passed by, all sang along by the gathered Dutch fan base. Such as Repined Bastard Nation and Now, Diabolical.The routined band of frontman Satyr obviously was very aware of what the audience likes and the atmosphere was very enjoyable indeed. We were exited for the full hour and 50 minutes that this fascinating performance lasted.

To view our photo report klick here.

Set List:
• Intro (tape)• Midnight Serpent • Our World, It Rumbles Tonight • Black Crow on a Tombstone • Deep Calleth Upon Deep • Ageless Northern Spirit • Repined Bastard Nation • The Wolfpack • Now, Diabolical • To Your Brethren in the Dark • Black Wings and Withering Gloom • Walk the Path of Sorrow • Transcendental Requiem of Slaves • Mother North
• The Pentagram Burns • Fuel for Hatred • K.I.N.G.

Satyricon on stage


For those who missed this event: Satyricon will be back in The Netherlands on June 1-2 to play at Fortarock in Nijmegen.

Zwarte Cross 2018


Vandaag vult de Zwarte Cross het programma aan met onder andere de Deense toprockers van Volbeat als hoofdact op vrijdag, spectaculaire hardrock uit Japan, een Achterhoekse house DJ én het leukste sportprogramma van Nederland komt naar Lichtenvoorde.
Dit zijn de 24 nieuwkomers die acte de présence zullen geven op het festival welke plaatsvindt van 12 tot en met 15 juli in Lichtenvoorde en verspreid over 32 podia gaan vlammen: Volbeat (DK), Electric Eel Shock (JAP), Heavy Hoempa, Lady Virea, Bureau Sport, Huub van der Lubbe, Hoe word ik miljonair – Corné van Zeijl, Giant Tiger Hooch, Feuerengel (DE), Warboel, BZB, Russkaja (OOS), BloYaTop, The Skints (GB), Kingston Soul, New Kingston (VS), DJ Tommi, Panko (ES), Trobi, De Theatertroep – Vaudeville, Marino Punk (BE), Johan Kampman, Picto Facto (FR), Goeie Tukkers zijn geen Motherf*ckers.
Geschiedenis schrijven

In november 2017 ging de voorverkoop van start. Bijna 90% van de kaarten werd binnen 24 uur verkocht. Na het bekendmaken van Volbeat vlogen ook de vrijdagkaarten de tent uit en dat bewijst wel hoe groot deze band is. “De zanger heeft een kuif als Elvis, de stem als James Hetfield, kan een uitstekend moppie Johnny Cash spelen en heeft net zo’n uitstraling als ik. Volbeat is daarom dé ultieme Zwarte Cross band en ik ben dan ook beretrots dat we ze hebben weten vast te leggen voor deze nu al legendarische 22ste editie!”, aldus Tante Rikie. De kans bestaat dat vóór aanvang van het festival ook de vrijdag uitverkocht raakt. Dit betekent dat de Zwarte Cross voor het eerst in de geschiedenis op voorh and en voor het derde jaar op rij helemaal uitverkocht is. De stand op donderdag 18 januari: nog zo’n 8000 vrijdagkaarten beschikbaar. De organisatie benadrukt overigens om uitverkochte kaartsoorten alleen via Ticketswap te kopen.

Explosie van muziek, theater, cross en stunts
De Zwarte Cross draait om bijzondere contrasten en gekke tegenstrijdigheden. Nat worden kan op het festivalstrand Playa Gasolina maar ook bij de crossbaan, wanneer het angstzweet je uitbreekt door de spectaculaire stunts. Laat adrenaline razen in één van de vele kermisattracties en laat het weer zakken tijdens een intiem concert voor 30 mensen in de Tipi. Verwen jezelf in restaurant Le Carburateur met een sterrenmaal of verwen het publiek met een optreden van jezelf bij het Open Podium. Kijken kan bij de finale van de Dutch Masters of Motocross, de pan uit dansen mag bij de 32 podia die het festival rijk is. Het complete programma zal ook dit jaar uit zo’n 250 bands en meer dan 1000 theaterartiesten bestaan. Iedere drie weken maakt de Zwarte Cross een overzicht met nieuwe acts bekend, de volgende lijst komt op 8 februari.
Al eerder werden bekend gemaakt: De Dijk, Triggerfinger (BE), Gogol Bordello (VS), Millionaire (BE), Death Alley, Nieuwegrond, Mike Williams, The Band of Heathens (VS), Gummbah en Leonard Bedaux – Sexboerderij Het Gouden Kalf, The Goat Roper Rodeo Band (GB), Thijs Kemperink, Silvester Zwaneveld – Een kleine geschiedenis van bijna alles, Bas Nijhuis en Eddy van der Ley – Niet zeiken, voetballen!, Mr. & Mr. Burn (GB) – explosief fysiek straattheater, Douwe Dijkstra en de sneue vertoning, clownesk straattheater van Fraser Hooper (GB), Høken met de Heinoos, Boh Foi Toch, Reverse Cowgirls, Certain Animals, Hilltop Howlers, Bökkers, De Motorband, Pé Daalemmer & Rooie Rinus, Kadavar (DUI), Frequencerz, Het Syrène Saxofoonkwartet, Baron Otto von Tounix, Dub Pistols (GB), The Dirty Daddies, Tusky, Switch Bones, Los Paja Brava, The Mauskovic Dance Band, Crooxs, Small Time C rooks, The Mourning Glories, Samora, Ooostblok, Mr Rizzo’s Miniatuur Fotostudio, Rider Mo, The Slampampers, St Joan’s Ambulance by Stickleback Plasticus, De Stijle, Want… – Toni Ronaldoni, Two left feet by Stickleback Plasticus, WC Experience, Plork en de Aannemers.

Thuiskomen bij Tante Rikie
Met de strijdkreet ‘Leven Vóór De Dood!’ maakt festivaldirectrice Tante Rikie zich hard voor een positieve mindset in het hiernumaals. Haar advies luidt dan ook: ”Niks terug of vooruit kijken, het is nú te doen!” Tante Rikie voegt uiteraard daad bij woord en opent de poorten naar het hiernumaals vanaf 12 juli aanstaande. Iedereen is welkom en dit wordt onderstreept met het thema ‘Welkom Thuus’, geïnspireerd op het feit dat een weekend Zwarte Cross voor veel bezoekers voelt als thuiskomen.

The Roadhouse, Zwarte Cross 2017

Lichtenvoorde, July 14, 2017
By: Chérie

The Roadhouse at the > Zwarte Cross Festival offers the stage to modern hard rock in the setting of a barn.

The first band we saw performing here, at the Friday of this Edition of the Zwarte Cross, was Lookapony from The Netherlands who treated the fresh audience to a mixture of rock and roll and garage pop. King Hiss from Belgium the played a mixture of melodic metal, hard rock, and stoner rock with hardcore.

King Hiss

King Hiss

Because of a short but heavy rainfall we sought shelter elsewhere on the festival premises and therefore unfortunately missed the Swedish band The Kendolls.

The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan

After the shower we returned to the barn to listen to the Dutch hard rock band Black Bone, who had attracted a huge numbe of fans. Psychedelic Rock was then served to us by The Vintage Caravan from Iceland.
Unknown to the Dutch audience there was not a big crowd to cheer them, but those not present had made a big mistake. This band is very worth listening to. They have just been signed by Nuclear Blast, the label that is known to have a nose for highly potential metal bands.

We left the Roadhouse after having enjoyed a dose of hard rock by Fleddy Melculy from Belgium, together with an enthusiastic crowd in the packed venue.

Fleddy Melculy

Fleddy Melculy

Check out the full photo report by clicking here.

Blind Guardian, Cirrha Niva @ Lucky

The beautiful and friendly venue Lucky, close to the German border, is not far from Blind Guardian’s home town Krefeld. Blind Guardian is extremely popular not only in Germany but especially in this part of The Netherlands too. Exactly 10 years ago, and his succesful power metal band Blind Guardian, performed on this same stage at Lucky. I myself and many fans with me still remembered how mesmerized we had been, back then, to hear the new songs from A Twist in the Myth.Therefore it was not surprising that the venue was sold out.

Blind Guardian's Audience @ Lucky

Blind Guardian’s Audience @ Lucky

The concert started with a very good performance of the Dutch prog metal band Cirrha Niva, who have not been around as longs as BG, but still for a respectable 23 years. The experience showed: Cirrha Niva gave a very well balanced and musically sound performance.


When BG finally entered the stage, all fans were excited to welcome the aimable singer Hansi Kürsch and his fellow musicians after a much too long period of absence. The enthusiasm was mutual. Hansi reveiled that Lucky is his favorite stage in Holland. Many of the popular songs of the 2006 concert were on the set list now as well. Of course with some later additions.


The audience sang along most of the songs with Hansi and the atmosphere in the hall became very intense and overwelmingly pleasant. The band was called back on stage twice and played an impressive 2 hours and a quarter.

Check out the full photo report of this concert by clicking here or here to buy photo’s (link is valid until 14-02-2017)

Dong Open air 2016

July 14-16, 2016 @ Neukirchen-Vluyn , DE

Photo report and text by Jeanny Pettrocchi

This 16th edition, with the theme ‘INTO THE POTT’, was an absolute blast – just like like the previous years. Dong Open Air is one of the most interesting small festivals in Germany, in a breathtaking scenery. At this festival there is ample opportunity to get to know underground bands. Many and various were the opinions concerning the performances of several bands, that’s why we’re not going into details. For such is mainly a matter of personal preference and taste. However, we will emphasize on the atmosphere in general.

Amorphis at Dong


There was a great variety of metal genre this year, trash, death, folk and melodic deathmetal. Many of the visitors came to see the big boys such as AMORPHIS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, BLOODBATH and TESTAMENT. But there were also other fine underground bands that rocked everyone’s socks off, like CAN OF WORMS, RAVEN WOODS, apRon and DUSTBOLT! One band that stood out was KRYPTOS, an old school metal band from Bangalore, India.

Indian heavy metal band Kryptos at Dong


Their show was very energetic and entertaining. They needed no warming up at the start: they trashed every second! Currently they are having their ‘In for the Kill’ tour in Germany, until August 13th next. Kryptos is the first metal band from India to be signed by an international label. Their new album ‘Burn up the night’ will be released on September 23rd. We had a little taste of this new album at Dong Open Air. I’d say: check out their single ‘Full throttle’ and be prepared for old school metal madness!

Compared to other festivals, there were not only greasy bites to consume, at DOA. There was a large variety of delicious foods to choose from. And not to mention the large cold beers that were being served! DJ Benne should not be missed neither. Like every other year he was THE man of the afterparty. The visitors were headbanging on Glam metal hits, dancing on schlager music and screaming their lungs out on Slayer tracks.

Dong Open Air Festival premises

Dong Open Air Festival 2016

A large improvement compared to the previous years was the service of the shuttle busses, kuddo’s to that.
We thank the whole Dong Open Air crew for all the hard work in organizing such a great festival.

Click on the links below to view the full photoreport of:




Zwarte Cross: The Roadhouse

Lichtenvoorde, zondag 24 juli 2016

Foto’s en tekst: Chérie, Metalphoto

Zondag in The Roadhouse begon met de rock en roll van The Sheepdogs uit Canada, die de warming up mochten verzorgen voor Green Hornet, een band van Groningse garagerockers. De drie man sterke formatie zorgde overtuigend voor goed swingende, stevige, muziek in een, voor het tijdstip, de zonnige middag en het enorme aanbod aan alternatief vertier op de Zwarte Cross, aardig gevulde zaal. Wij waren in elk geval onder de indruk van deze band!

Green Hornet-6459

Ook imponerend was Storksky, het duo van de jonge getalenteerde Nederlandse zanger en gitarist Michiel Claessen en drummer Roy Monen, dat een fantastische sfeer creëerde op het podium.

De sound van de Engelse band Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats vulde The Roadhouse vervolgens met de klanken van psychedelische metal , die een goed gevulde zaal trok.

Uncle Acid-6849

De wederom volle zaal kwam echt goed los bij de alternatieve rock van Paceshifters: een Nederlandse band uit Wijhe bestaande uit de gebroeders Dokman (Paul en Seb) en drummer Jesper Albers.

Pace Shifters-7187

Na hun optreden op de Zwarte Cross van vorig jaar waren alle ogen en oren van de Roadhouse bezoekers natuurlijk gericht op Death Alley. Deze Amsterdamse hard-rock band stelde de ruim toegestroomde fans niet teleur met een overtuigend geroutineerd maar ook bezield optreden als afsluiter van het programma in The Roadhouse.

Klik HIER voor de hele fotoreportage over The Roadhouse op zondag, tijdens de Zwarte Cross 2016.

W:O:A 2016 preview

We have been covering quite some summer festivals this season already. Both in The Netherlands and across our eastern border with Germany, metal music is alive, like never before. All these metal festivals have something special, something cosy to it. But the climax of all these gatherings of the metal community is of course the annual largest metal festival week in the beginning of August, in the tiny village of Wacken in northern Germany. Wacken Open Air is not a local party, like all the others – no W:O:A is a true jamboree and we would not want to skip attending one year!
In the photo below, that we took last year, you can see why.


Can you already feel the magic in the air, of all these people celebrating their love for metal together?
Even if you have never been to Wacken Open Air, you can catch a small gasp of it, from our photo reports, we hope. Just 17 more days and then we all go loose!
So… what can you expect from Metalphoto at W:O:A this year?

Well, hopefully no more mud slides – we hope the rainy season will be over by then.
Looking at the vast program it will be hard to choose, but of course we will be true to our nature and you will see us at the stages filled with black and death metal mostly and of course to cheer our Dutch musicians.
What does our menu suggestion look like?
We start getting settled on wednesday evening while cheering at the Dutch band BLIKSEM. On Thursday there’s a bunch of appetizers on the Black Stage: Saxon, Whitesnake and Lemmy. And then you have Tsjuder and Marduk – black metal on the W:E:T stage, Vader on Headbangers stage before the main dish is served at the True Metal Stage with IRON MAIDEN !!!

Any other festival would be a big succes with this line up alone, but for W:O:A: this is just warming up day. After a good night’s sleep at the VIP camp ground intend to start the next day fresh at 1 pm with our own Dutch Legion of the Damned on the Black Stage. This is where we’ll linger the rest of the day to see Entombed, Eluveitie,Tarja and Ministry. Unfortunately this will make us miss Equilibrium, but we might take some strolls over to the W;E;T stage for 1349 and to the Headbangers stage to enlighten our spirits with Orphaned Land (maybe), Alcest and Ihsahn (certainly). Meanwhile we’ll also watch Blind Guardian at the true metal stage and maybe, just maybe, if we can stay awake, we’ll also go and watch Kampfar and Testament, in the small hours.

Testament on stage


On Saturday we’ll probably be roasted, but Dragon Force will certainly get us back in our dancing shoes: party time at noon!
Dragonforce on stage


Later followed by Devil Driver at the Party Stage.Meanwhile we’ll check out Wackinger Village and the Metal Market.
Then, in the evening we’ll enjoy Auro Noir before banging our heads off at ARCH ENEMY!

Well this is just our plan; because you need one when there’s too much to choose from. We’ll probably see a lot of other bands that are just as great but still unknown to us. Beacuse Wacken has been the cradle to many metal stars. We hope to see some being born this year as well.
So check out our report later! See you at WACKEN from August 3-6, 2016.

Dokk’em Open Air 2016

DOKK’EM OPEN AIR 2016 June 24 & 25 Fryslan, The Netherlands
By Jeanny Petrocchi

For this 11th edition of the metal festival DOKK’EM OPEN AIR, the entire Dokkem organisation has done their utmost effort to compile a great and varied line up. With names such as Testament, Soilwork, Dragonforce, Moonspell and Doro.

Besides at the ROCK HAND stage, one could also enjoy a piece of Dokkum at the PARTY stage. There was plenty of room for entertainment thanks to bands like SLEEËR, THE HELL PATROL, D.R.D, KKKKHHHRROME, MANU ARMATA and of course the exciting show of the fire-spitting sexy ladies of the DRAGON GIRLS.

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk'em Open Air

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk’em Open Air

There was never a dull moment with the traditional games of ‘Wheel of Steel’ and ‘Grunting for Tokens’. And if you missed that, there always was Metal Karaoke to show off your talent or you could play an air solo on inflatable guitars.

Right after the ‘Night of Dokkem’ metalheads, in large numbers, went to the field to be fueled with more metal. It was a beautiful and sunny day! 13 STEPS, played at noon, being the first appearance of the day. Followed by BLIKSEM, HEIDEVOLK, RAVEN, GRAVE, PRIMORDIAL, and SOILWORK. The headliner on Friday was the legendary band from the San Fransisco Bay Area (USA), TESTAMENT. They made their first appearance in 2013 at this festival and this year they returned to trash the hell out of DOA again. But unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction, TESTAMENT couldn’t perform on the main stage. In no time the Dokkem crew moved everything to the Party stage so that they could play there. A ‘huge’ and highly talented band on a small stage. A sight that is forever etched in our memories !

After a successful Friday and a hell of a midnight party at the Frisian Metal bus, metalheads gathered again on the campingfield for coffee and BLASTBEATS FOR BREAKFAST. They have been served a generous portion of metal and energetic vibes, which proved to be an awfully good remedy against a hangover! The Frisian band KJELD was the opening act of that rainy saturday, followed by the Dutch killing machine IZEGRIM.

Austrian trash metal band Insanity Alert

Insanity Alert

INSANITY ALERT was the surprise of the day! A trash band from Austria with S.O.D., D.R.I., Nuclear Assault influences. They trashed Dokkem out like no other with their hits ‘Glorious Trash’ and ‘Run to the Pit, mosh for your life’.
The lovers of HM2-sound also had a piece of swedish old school death metal from the giants of ENTRAILS and ENTOMBED.

MOONSPELL has put down a smashing show, like we’re used from these Portugese stars. After their performance the men gathered backstage to watch the exciting soccer match of Portugal against Croatia. We can conclude that they went back to Portugal very satisfied, after a great deliverance at Dokkem and the fact that their country classified for the EU’s quarter finals.
The British power metal band DRAGONFORCE, was less fortunate. They performed an excellent show for all their fans. Only on the way back home, The British Airways lost all Herman Li’s guitars at Amsterdam Schiphol. We hope they will be returned to him soon without damage.

DORO and FINTROLL were the headliners on Saturday night.

Doro on stage at Dokk'em Open Air 2016

Doro on stage at Dokk’em Open Air 2016

Finally DOA has managed to bring The Queen of Heavy Metal to Dokkum. Doro Pesch has been in the heavymetal scene for over 30 years , has sold millions of albums, has given numerous concerts worldwide and has worked with great and legendary artists like Lemmy, Ronny James Dio, Amon Amarth, Tarja Turunen, Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. Fans enjoyed songs like ‘Für immer’, ‘We are the Metalhead’ and ‘All we are’. Another pleasant surprise was a rousing and incredibly awesome cover of Judas Priest ‘Breaking the Law’ in a Doro jacket.

The 11th edition of Dokk’em Open Air on June 25th would be the last, as previously divulged by the organisation. We are keeping our hopes high for this great festival to continue. Thank you Dokk’em for all those years of fun and metal madness.

Click here to go to the full photoreport with 200 pictures of Dokk’em Open Air 2006 by photographer Jeanny Petrocchi of Metalphoto.