Dong Open Air – Metal Festival Germany

Neukirchen (DE) July 16 – 18, 2015
By Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

‘’Party all night Dong” – with this motto almost 3000 metalfans from all over Germany and The Netherlands attended this festival which took place in Neukirchen – Vluyn near Krefeld on the top of the Dongberg (Halde, Northern Germany). The audience came this year to celebrate the festival’s 15th anniversary. For the metalfans from the region, Dong Open Air is the highlight of the year. The festival on the Mushmore Mountain in Neuerkirchen-Vluyn is an underground festival which was launched in 2001. This year as usual great headliners and co-headliners participated at this event such as Debauchery, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gamma Ray, Kissin’ Dynamite, Eluveitie, Fiddler’s Green, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Carcass and other impressive acts of bands like Insanity, the mexicans of War Kabinett, Excrementory Grindfuckers, The Prosecution, Wulfpack, the frenchmen of Acyl, Wizard and so on…..

Go to our photoreport by clicking on this link.



The Germans defintely know how to party all night dong! From Thursday afternoon until late Saturday night hours, Neuenkirchen transformed into a camping city with great music, lots of König bier and Desperados and of course lots of fun. You can also enjoy the spectacular view at Dong and even take a bier or two at the Sky Lounge to make new friends or just to hang out with your mates. It has been our second year at this festival, and for sure we will be there again in 2016 to be Donginized.

Stonehenge Metal Festival 2015 – gone with the wind

Steenwijk (NL), July 25, 2015
by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

One of the coziest festivals in The Netherlands, STONEHENGE, unfortunately, went up into smoke. After a year of preparations, the worst summer storm ever in Dutch history brought it, cruelly, to a premature end. The organizers had to cancel the festival for safety reasons. Also other festivals and carnival activities in other places in the Netherlands were cancelled. Some of the bands got stuck on the road because of the storm, other bands didn’t want to perform anymore because it was too risky. Fortunately most people responded positively on the decision that has been made. But others seemed not to understand the priorities of the organization to promptly cancel this event. Lots of metalheads went home dissapointed, several people went to the city of Stonehenge to grab a bite and others went to the after party at Cafe de Zwetser to enjoy Resistance, Player and Nervosa. We sincerely hope that the financial damage that Stonehenge has suffered can be settled and that we can celebrate another edition of Stonehenge next year. We wish the organziation much strength and wisdom.



Meanwhile enjoy our photoreport of Smothered, Wrath, Sabiendas, Inquisitor, Dictated, Fleshless, Hirax, Diabolical, Ingested and Cytotoxin by clicking here.
As you can see: it was fun while it lasted!

Zwarte Cross: The Roadhouse

Zwarte Cross,Lichtenvoorde (NL) July 26, 2015
By: Chérie Photography

This year a protest march was held during the Cross on Friday, against the removal of the metal meadow, from the program. The metal meadow was abandoned after 2012, much to the regret of the Dutch metalheads. In 2013 a new venue was introduced: The Meltdown, but despite the attractive show elements there, it could not live up to the standard of its predecessor, the Aardschok Podium.

Baterbar at Zwarte Cross Festval

Baterbar at Zwarte Cross Festval

Metal is concentrated in a small Cafe nowadays, called the Baterbar. For hard and loud rock music the Roadhouse has been erected last year and it’s a big success.
We went to see several performances at The Roadhouse on the last day, Sunday, of the festival.

The Roadhouse at Zwarte Cross

The Roadhouse at Zwarte Cross

Daeth Alley is an impressive young Dutch rock / metal band based in Amsterdam, with singer Douwe Truijnes, Dennis (aka Brother D) on bass guitar and drummer Ming (all former Gewapend Beton) plus guitar player Oeds Beydal (ex The Devils Blood). Their debut album ‘Black Magick Boogieland’ was released on May 19th of this year.
Death Alley (NL)

Death Alley (NL)

From Gent in Belgium Raketkanon brought a mixture of noise rock and heavy sludgerock, which attracted an almost full house.
Raketkanon (BE)

Raketkanon (BE)

The Wanton Bishops played Southern American Blues Rock as if they were born and raised in the Bayou country. Nothing is what it seams nowadays, the founders Mansour and Ghossein both rolled out of college in Beiroet, Lebanon, with finance and economics degrees respectively. However, this duo preferred a musical lifestyle over a career in banking business. So fate brought them here, to entertain Dutch farmers in a wooden barn on an infamous festival in the Dutch Achterhoek.
The Wanton Bishops

The Wanton Bishops (Lebanon)

Rain was pouring down heavily against the end of the otherwise sunny Sunday afternoon. Which drove the crowd to seek shelter in The Roadhouse. After the rain slowed down, however, most people stayed to enjoy the talented German band Kadaver from Berlin. Whose drummer played the stars from the sky and more. Kadaver plays Proto-, Stoner,- and Psychedelic-Rock.
Kadaver (DE)

Kadaver (DE)

Check out the full report of a day at The Roadhouse here!

Graveland Deathfest 2015

Hollandscheveld (Hoogeveen, NL) July 11, 2015
by Jeanny Petrocchi.

Graveland is a new metal festival in Hollandscheveld (Hoogeveen). After years of organizing small-scale concerts four metalheads decided to organize a larger festival in Hoogeveen. This has led to Graveland Death Fest, focusing on the metal genre. With this first edition, they succeeded in realizing a line-up that you as a metalhead don’t want to miss! There was no better way to kick it off with bands from the USA, Denmark, Germany, Austria and of course with our own talented Dutchies.

Graveland Deathfest

Graveland Deathfest

The headliner for this first edition was Belphegor. But there were also other great bands which performed that Saturday such as Terrorizer LA, the russians of Pyre and ofcourse our own pride Teethgrinder, Pentacle and Entrapment with Willem of Rotten Casket on vocals.
Check out our photoreport of the 1st edition of Graveland. Next year, be there!

W:O:A 2015

The largest festival in the world WACKEN OPEN AIR takes place in one of Germany’s smallest villages. The hospitable town of Wacken (north of Bremen and Hamburg and close to the Danish border) has been host to this annual mega-event since 1990. Because of their routine, the organization is better than that of any other metal festival we have ever been to and the same holds true for the extraordinary line up.
Over 5 stages of continuous music, performed by 140 metal bands and other attractive acts are presented from July 30 to August 1.
Tickets have been sold out for a long time already, but if you are fortunate to have acquired one than it’s now time to prepare what you want to go and see. Because the full program is just too much to attend.
Luckily, W:O:A has a festival app (which can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store) with the full line up. The App lets you create your own shortlist of bands to go and see and gives all the necessary information one might need at the venue.

Of course, just like the previous years, Metalphoto will cover the festival. A few of our favorite acts are: At teh Gates, Cannibal Corpse, Death Angel, Obituary, Judas Priest, Kataklysm and Savatage. But we advise you not to miss acts like Blaas of Glory, Combichrist, Danko Jones, Samael, Shining, Trans Siberian Orchestra, My Dying Bride either. And of course do goa nad see the lesser known bands for many of those will become stars soon, once they have been introduced to the larger audience at this festival.

Hope to see you all in WACKEN!!

Dokk’em Open Air 2015

Dokk’em Open Air Metal festival 2015

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Dokk’em Open Air in Friesland (NL) celebrated their 10th anniversary this year from June 19-20. We already knew that Dokk’em always delivers, and we were not disappointed. It’s a wonderful festival with well known headliners, great ambience, awesome entertainments….you name it. Young and old were having so much fun this year again, it drips from our pictures!

Headliner on Friday was Candlemass and on Saturday My Dying Bride. But also other great bands made their performances that weekend such as our own dutchies, Legion of The Damned, God Dethroned, Herder, Baldrs Draumar, The Gentle Storm and many more.


Thanks to the bands that performed this year in the county of Fryslan, thanks to the organisation of Dokk’em, thanks to the metal fans, and a special thanks to all those volunteers that made this festival another succes. Up to another 10 years.


Check out our photoreport here for the highlights of Dokk’em Open Air 2015.

Kick Ass Festival

Lucky, Rijssen, February 15, 2015

Photoreport by Jeanny Petrocchi

On our way to Rijssen, where the Kick Ass Festival would take place, we came across a crowd of people dressed up to celebrate Carnival ( “Carnaval”) in the Dutch county of Overijssel. Several metalheads, however, decided to go and enjoy metal instead and to spupport their local bands. We can conclude that at this fine venue, Lucky, everyone celebrated their own Carnival with lots of laughter, good music and plenty of beer.



Klick here to see our photoreport of the following bands:


Hoogeveen (NL) September 5-6, 2014

By Jeanny Petrocchi

Last weekend we were at Occultfest , a small metal music festival held at the town of Hoogeveen, in the county of Drenthe, The Netherlands. Deadbeat_3_van_13_This annual festival is being held for 12 years now, and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. This year, however, there were not many visitors at the festival. Which was a a pity for we’ve seen performances of awesome local bands such as Grown Cold, Distillator, Ecocide, Legion of the damned, just to name a few. But still, as many of the visitors there, we had a blast on Saturday.



A big thank you goes to the visitors that made this festival happen, also a big thank you to the organisation of Occultfest and of course all the volunteers and the bands that delivered great performances.
Click here for our photoreport of Saturday of the follwoing bands: Misanthropia, Imapalement, Stonehwak, Vopo’s, Grown Cold, Sudden Annihilation, Ecocide, Neckbreak Nation, Distillator, Deadbeat and Legion of the Damned.

Turock Open Air 2014

Essen, August 29-31, 2014
by: Jeanny Petrocchi

Turock, a venue where many great bands made their appearances over the years, had their annual 3 days open festival this year again. Turock Open Air metal festival 2014 was held in the city of Essen in front of the venue. Shadows_Fall_5_van_15_Excellent bands such as Diablo Blvd, Morgoth, Cryptopsy, Vanderbuyst, Unearth, Shadows Fall, Jungle Rot, Sanctuary, Wolf (just to name a few) where invited to make a blast again of this festival.

It was a rainy day, but even the decision of mother nature, couldn’t manage to ruin this day for the visitors. The performances in combination with the great ambience at TOA were the sunshine of that day.

main stage with audience with umbrella

Turock O.A. 2014


Click herefor some impressions of the following bands, that played on Saturday : Jungle Rot, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Vanderbuyst and Exumer. Unfortunately we couldn’t make pictures of Cryptopsy and Morgoth because, as many others that day, your photographer was one of the victims of pickpockets.

Stonehenge Metal Festival – Photo Report

Steenwijk, July 26th 2014, The Netherlands

by Jeanny Petrocchi

This 20th anniversary edition of Stonehenge would never have been possible without the enthusiasm of all the bands, volunteers and visitors.

Burning Hatred

Burning Hatred

Stonehenge has first been first organized, back in 1995, by a few guys who lived in the Dutch town of Steenwijk (Overijssel). And 20 years later this annual event is still on. It has always remained a small cozy festival at the venue of the cultural youth centre De Buze, originally with only one small stage. This year they managed to get a bigger stage outside. Thumbs up to the Stonehenge organization. Up to next year, hopefully at a fully renewed venue.


Bands that are already confirmed for 2015 are: Master, Taake, Izegrim, Dictated, Sabiendas, Broken Hope and Smothered making it an very interseting line up.
Burning Hatred, Katalepsy, Beheaded, Impaled Nazarene, Igorr, Eyeconoclast, Bliksem, Entrails, Sinister, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immolation, Possessed and Obituary.

Stonehenge 2015

Stonehenge 2015