Churches take over: Moontowers – Asphyx

Report and photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Due to the Corona outbreak, as you probably know, this year all concerts and festivals have been cancelled. But venues and even churches are currently bringing some innovative ways for metalheads to attend corona-proof concerts.
Tastes differ however: in events of this kind, lots of music fans rather enjoy the music standing up or want to release their frustration or happiness in a moshpit instead of watching the whole show seated. But in times of Corona, we all have to be sensible by following the guidelines and supporting our favorite bands in these difficult times.

In a big church with limited capacities for visitors, we experienced a great performance with a ‘celestial’ touch.

Death metal in a church: Asphyx and Moontowers in Essen (2020)

Death metal in a church: Asphyx and Moontowers in Essen (2020)

Kreuzeskirchen – Essen, Germany

This church session was sold out in no time. Outside the church people were offering €200 euros for tickets. But as die-hard fans, no one wanted to sell their ticket even for that amount!
Moontowers, a heavy metal band from Koblenz that was formed in 2017, was the opening act of this church session. This band consist of great musicians from Blueside, Secutor, Metal Inquisitor and Desaster. We have enjoyed a few songs of ‘’Crimson Harvest” their latest album that was released in April this year.

After listening a few classic tracks from the DJ like ‘God is dead’ from Carnivore, among others, it was the turn of the Dutch death metal masters to make their appearance on stage; Asphyx.
There never was a dull moment. Everyone was headbanging while seated on the powerful drive of guitar riffs and Van Drunen’s pain suffering death growl, having the time of their lives.
Enjoy our pictures of this concert, they speak for themselves.

Hardrock @Zwarte Cross 2018

Lichtenvoorde (NL), July 13, 2018

by: Chérie

The largest, greatest and also most peculiar and humorous summer festival in The Netherlands is the Zwarte Cross (translated: Black Cross) : where motor cross, theater and music meet. With 33 stages and over 200.000 yearly visitors, this 4-days festival is absolutely unique in its kind.
As for motorcross, apart from stunts such as freestyle motor cross, parades with hilarious vehicles were held, much to the joy of tens of thousands of spectators.

This year the serious motor cross matches were of outstanding level: the finales of the prestigeous Dutch masters of motorcross were held in the 85, 125, 250 and 500 cc classes. Additionally, for the first time at the Black Cross, the spectacular side car races were held as well.
Check out this link to our report on the side car match.

Adjacent to the heavily roaring sounds of the Motor cross at the legendary Zwarte Cross, very suitably, the old American barn “The Roadhouse” is situated. This is the venue where fans of loud hard rock music go. Unlike previous editions one is not confined to the relatively small and sweaty indoors anymore, to enjoy the atmosphere, while standing on your feet in a packed audience. This year, a lovely terrace was placed adjacent to the stage, from where one could enjoy the music, seated, having a drink or a meal. Good for you Zwarte Cross organizers! Finally you have treated us, rockers, as humans and no longer as cattle :)

As a metal photographer, of course I joined the action withín the Roadhouse, to present you a catching eye witness view of the scenes on stage. This report from The Roadhouse is on three interesting, upcoming bands, two from the Netherlands and one from Germany. Certain Animals, from Rotterdam (NL), are only one year young, but their sound is already very mature. The Roadhouse was packed early and the audience reacted very enthusiastic to the very familiar sounding guitar chords of this trio.

Certain Animals

Certain Animals

Death Alley

Death Alley

Death Alley had played before at the 2016 edition of Zwarte Cross and is clearly a darling of the audience. This is most certainly, next tot their exclusive sound, due to the charismatic frontman and singer Douwe Truijens and the dark image of former Devil’s blood guitarist Oeds Beydals.

Late in the evening Kadavar, a German trio from Berlin, with their extremely talented and frantic looking drummer Christoph “Tiger” Bartelt as eye catcher, mesmerized us completely. Kadaver was erected in 2010 and have released six full albums since, through Nuclear Blast and made several world tours.

Kadaver (DE)

Kadaver (DE)

Just across the street from the Roadhouse was Ground Hero: the track for Free Style motor cross (FMX) stunts.



Side Car race @ Zwarte Cross

Side Car race @ Zwarte Cross

At this site the spec-tacu-lar front flip was performed by Frantisec Maka. The other stuntmen were Martin Koren, Julien Manon. In the picture on the right we catch a glimpse of the side car race on the Cross track, behind the Roadhouse.

On the other side of the vast premises of the Zwarte Cross Festival, the mainstage was also hosting a few rock and metalbands. A more mainstream type of music though, as can be expected at a festival that is meant for the masses. In the afternoon we watched Jett Rebel there on stage, who is an immensely popular young Dutch rockstar.
Headliner that Friday night the 13 th, was Volbeat, the popular rock band from Denmark. Volbeat has been around since 2001 and play very routined and self assured. Volbeat knows a large Dutch fan base, mostly from their own generation. They had a blast, during the long performance of their idols!
Next year the Zwarte Cross will be held on July, 18, 19, 20 en 21 in Lichtenvoorde, close to the Dutch-German border. Don’t miss it!!!!
For you, foreign visitors, who want to taste the contemporary Dutch culture: skip Amsterdam and come and spend your vacation at the Zwarte Cross, in the lush green Achterhoek, right on the other (generally quiet country-) side of The Netherlands. The festival has several campgrounds, one of them is very luxurous. Come and stay at the Zwarte Cross, a festival for people of all ages and tastes and I bet you’ll find that you’ve never had more fun in your life!

The Roadhouse, Zwarte Cross 2017

Lichtenvoorde, July 14, 2017
By: Chérie

The Roadhouse at the > Zwarte Cross Festival offers the stage to modern hard rock in the setting of a barn.

The first band we saw performing here, at the Friday of this Edition of the Zwarte Cross, was Lookapony from The Netherlands who treated the fresh audience to a mixture of rock and roll and garage pop. King Hiss from Belgium the played a mixture of melodic metal, hard rock, and stoner rock with hardcore.

King Hiss

King Hiss

Because of a short but heavy rainfall we sought shelter elsewhere on the festival premises and therefore unfortunately missed the Swedish band The Kendolls.

The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan

After the shower we returned to the barn to listen to the Dutch hard rock band Black Bone, who had attracted a huge numbe of fans. Psychedelic Rock was then served to us by The Vintage Caravan from Iceland.
Unknown to the Dutch audience there was not a big crowd to cheer them, but those not present had made a big mistake. This band is very worth listening to. They have just been signed by Nuclear Blast, the label that is known to have a nose for highly potential metal bands.

We left the Roadhouse after having enjoyed a dose of hard rock by Fleddy Melculy from Belgium, together with an enthusiastic crowd in the packed venue.

Fleddy Melculy

Fleddy Melculy

Check out the full photo report by clicking here.

Dong Open air 2016

July 14-16, 2016 @ Neukirchen-Vluyn , DE

Photo report and text by Jeanny Pettrocchi

This 16th edition, with the theme ‘INTO THE POTT’, was an absolute blast – just like like the previous years. Dong Open Air is one of the most interesting small festivals in Germany, in a breathtaking scenery. At this festival there is ample opportunity to get to know underground bands. Many and various were the opinions concerning the performances of several bands, that’s why we’re not going into details. For such is mainly a matter of personal preference and taste. However, we will emphasize on the atmosphere in general.

Amorphis at Dong


There was a great variety of metal genre this year, trash, death, folk and melodic deathmetal. Many of the visitors came to see the big boys such as AMORPHIS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, BLOODBATH and TESTAMENT. But there were also other fine underground bands that rocked everyone’s socks off, like CAN OF WORMS, RAVEN WOODS, apRon and DUSTBOLT! One band that stood out was KRYPTOS, an old school metal band from Bangalore, India.

Indian heavy metal band Kryptos at Dong


Their show was very energetic and entertaining. They needed no warming up at the start: they trashed every second! Currently they are having their ‘In for the Kill’ tour in Germany, until August 13th next. Kryptos is the first metal band from India to be signed by an international label. Their new album ‘Burn up the night’ will be released on September 23rd. We had a little taste of this new album at Dong Open Air. I’d say: check out their single ‘Full throttle’ and be prepared for old school metal madness!

Compared to other festivals, there were not only greasy bites to consume, at DOA. There was a large variety of delicious foods to choose from. And not to mention the large cold beers that were being served! DJ Benne should not be missed neither. Like every other year he was THE man of the afterparty. The visitors were headbanging on Glam metal hits, dancing on schlager music and screaming their lungs out on Slayer tracks.

Dong Open Air Festival premises

Dong Open Air Festival 2016

A large improvement compared to the previous years was the service of the shuttle busses, kuddo’s to that.
We thank the whole Dong Open Air crew for all the hard work in organizing such a great festival.

Click on the links below to view the full photoreport of:




Dokk’em Open Air 2016

DOKK’EM OPEN AIR 2016 June 24 & 25 Fryslan, The Netherlands
By Jeanny Petrocchi

For this 11th edition of the metal festival DOKK’EM OPEN AIR, the entire Dokkem organisation has done their utmost effort to compile a great and varied line up. With names such as Testament, Soilwork, Dragonforce, Moonspell and Doro.

Besides at the ROCK HAND stage, one could also enjoy a piece of Dokkum at the PARTY stage. There was plenty of room for entertainment thanks to bands like SLEEËR, THE HELL PATROL, D.R.D, KKKKHHHRROME, MANU ARMATA and of course the exciting show of the fire-spitting sexy ladies of the DRAGON GIRLS.

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk'em Open Air

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk’em Open Air

There was never a dull moment with the traditional games of ‘Wheel of Steel’ and ‘Grunting for Tokens’. And if you missed that, there always was Metal Karaoke to show off your talent or you could play an air solo on inflatable guitars.

Right after the ‘Night of Dokkem’ metalheads, in large numbers, went to the field to be fueled with more metal. It was a beautiful and sunny day! 13 STEPS, played at noon, being the first appearance of the day. Followed by BLIKSEM, HEIDEVOLK, RAVEN, GRAVE, PRIMORDIAL, and SOILWORK. The headliner on Friday was the legendary band from the San Fransisco Bay Area (USA), TESTAMENT. They made their first appearance in 2013 at this festival and this year they returned to trash the hell out of DOA again. But unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction, TESTAMENT couldn’t perform on the main stage. In no time the Dokkem crew moved everything to the Party stage so that they could play there. A ‘huge’ and highly talented band on a small stage. A sight that is forever etched in our memories !

After a successful Friday and a hell of a midnight party at the Frisian Metal bus, metalheads gathered again on the campingfield for coffee and BLASTBEATS FOR BREAKFAST. They have been served a generous portion of metal and energetic vibes, which proved to be an awfully good remedy against a hangover! The Frisian band KJELD was the opening act of that rainy saturday, followed by the Dutch killing machine IZEGRIM.

Austrian trash metal band Insanity Alert

Insanity Alert

INSANITY ALERT was the surprise of the day! A trash band from Austria with S.O.D., D.R.I., Nuclear Assault influences. They trashed Dokkem out like no other with their hits ‘Glorious Trash’ and ‘Run to the Pit, mosh for your life’.
The lovers of HM2-sound also had a piece of swedish old school death metal from the giants of ENTRAILS and ENTOMBED.

MOONSPELL has put down a smashing show, like we’re used from these Portugese stars. After their performance the men gathered backstage to watch the exciting soccer match of Portugal against Croatia. We can conclude that they went back to Portugal very satisfied, after a great deliverance at Dokkem and the fact that their country classified for the EU’s quarter finals.
The British power metal band DRAGONFORCE, was less fortunate. They performed an excellent show for all their fans. Only on the way back home, The British Airways lost all Herman Li’s guitars at Amsterdam Schiphol. We hope they will be returned to him soon without damage.

DORO and FINTROLL were the headliners on Saturday night.

Doro on stage at Dokk'em Open Air 2016

Doro on stage at Dokk’em Open Air 2016

Finally DOA has managed to bring The Queen of Heavy Metal to Dokkum. Doro Pesch has been in the heavymetal scene for over 30 years , has sold millions of albums, has given numerous concerts worldwide and has worked with great and legendary artists like Lemmy, Ronny James Dio, Amon Amarth, Tarja Turunen, Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. Fans enjoyed songs like ‘Für immer’, ‘We are the Metalhead’ and ‘All we are’. Another pleasant surprise was a rousing and incredibly awesome cover of Judas Priest ‘Breaking the Law’ in a Doro jacket.

The 11th edition of Dokk’em Open Air on June 25th would be the last, as previously divulged by the organisation. We are keeping our hopes high for this great festival to continue. Thank you Dokk’em for all those years of fun and metal madness.

Click here to go to the full photoreport with 200 pictures of Dokk’em Open Air 2006 by photographer Jeanny Petrocchi of Metalphoto.

Elsrock 2016

Elsrock 2016 Rijssen, The Netherlands

By: Jeanny Petrocchi

”Do you know Jesus?” Those were the welcoming words from preachers we’ve got when we set foot at the premises. The bitter history of Elsrock is still etched in our memories. A few years ago Elsrock was one of the greatest festivals on dutch soil. The last open air festival was in 2011 with great acts such as Asphyx, Nuclear Assault, Grave, Grand Magus and so on. They booked a succesful and well attended edition.

After 5 years of absence, the organization decided to do a comeback. Metal fans from all over the region went massively to Rijssen to support our local dutchies. What a way to start the resurrection of Elsrock with our own talented musicians by pulling a varied line-up and a great atmosphere. All the ingredients of a metal festival were there! From greasy bites and an endless flow of beer to band merchandise and of course good LOUD music, guaranteeing a day of absolute fun and metal mayhem.

Headliner Martyr at Elsrock 2016

Headliner Martyr at Elsrock 2016

Bands that made their appearance at Elsrock’s resurrection are: Infantry, Anarchos, Deadly Alliance, The Heritance, Roadcrew, 3rd Machine, Caedere, Tarragona and Martyr as headliner.

A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped to make this event a great succes, the bands for giving all their brutality on stage, the audience for their great support and last but not least the organisation of Elsrock for rising from the ashes!

Until next year: on June 10 2017 there will be another edition of Elsrock!

Check out Jeanny’s photo report on Elsrock 2016 through this link.

To buy these photo’s click HERE

Amsterdam Metalfest

Another succesful edition of a sold out Amsterdam Metalfest took place last weekend at the Melkweg venue located at the heart of the Dutch capitol Amsterdam. Under the metallized tunes and growling vocals of the bands that performed that evening the audience did what they knew best. They took their most daring and extreme attempt to slam dance and to create a small wall of death.

Head shot of the singer of Dutch metal band Carach Angren on stage

Carach Angren

Click HERE to see our photoreport of the following bands: HERDER, GOD DETHRONED, CARACH ANGREN and DECAPITATED.

The next edition of A.M.F. will be on October 15th. Bands will be anounced later on their facebook page.

Speedfest 10th Ed

by Jeanny Petrocchi

On November 21, 2015, SPEEDFEST celebrated its 10th edition at the ‘’clock building’’ in Eindhoven. No wonder the festival was sold out with such a great line up: Carcass, Napalm Death, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock, Obituary, Voivod, Pro Pain, Refused, High on Fire, The Hip Priests, Death Alley, Crobot, Avatarium and many more.


Unfortunately, as is well known, The Eagles of Death Metal cancelled their European tour and didn’t perform here. The festival took one minute of silence to commemorate all the victims of the tragedy in Paris.

DJ ‘’De Rooie Neger’’ entertained all the visitors at the foodcourt with tracks from Dolly Parton to Slayer, from Snoop Dog to Bob Marley and all the oldest dutch songs you can ever think of. At Speedfest everything is possible: We saw visitors, who wore the most brutal metal shirts, singing and dancing on popular tunes from the 60’s to the 90’s. This DJ offered something for everyone and surprised everyone with well- and lesser-known old school music in so many genre. Thanks to the organisation for this amazing festival, all the volunteers and of course a special thanks to Peter Pan Speedrock!

Check out our photo report photo report here

Speedfest 10 – Programma wijziging

Nu de Amerikaanse band Eagles Of Death Metal (EODM) vanwege de aanslagen afgelopen vrijdag in Parijs zijn Europese tournee heeft geannuleerd en dus ook niet op de tiende editie van Speedfest zal spelen, krijgt het programma van dit internationale festival logischerwijze enkele wijzigingen. De jubileumeditie vindt zaterdag 21 november plaats in het Klokgebouw te Eindhoven.

Uiteraard is Metalphoto aanwezig voor een spetterende fotoreportage. Bekijk de foto’s van Jeanny na afloop op deze site.

speedfest 10
Mede-organisator Peter Pan Speedrock-frontman Peter van Elderen: “We zijn nog steeds aangeslagen en ontdaan door de bizarre gruwelijkheden die er in Parijs zijn gepleegd. Het is onbevattelijk wat daar is gebeurd. We snappen heel goed dat Eagles Of Death Metal, die zijn merchandise-verkoper Nick verloor, de tournee heeft afgebroken. We gaan niet krampachtig op zoek naar een alternatief. EODM is immers niet zo maar een groep, maar een uniek en niet te vervangen fenomeen. Het voelt voor ons bovendien ook ongepast om op die plek nu een andere band neer te zetten. Uit diep respect voor EODM en ter nagedachtenis voor Nick en alle andere slachtoffers en hun nabestaanden, houden we zaterdagnacht om 00.10 uur één minuut stilte in het hele Klokgebouw. Dat tijdstip was namelijk de oorspronkelijke starttijd van de show van EODM. Daarna zullen wij als gastheer en mede-organisator zélf de ereplek van Speedfest bekleden. En reken maar dat we veel lawaai gaan maken om te laten zien dat we niet – nooit!- toegeven aan angst en terreur. Samen met 5000 andere rock motherfuckers gaan we een onvergetelijk mooi feestje bouwen om samen het leven te vieren.”

Wijziging programma Speedfest #10
Het wegvallen van EODM heeft als consequentie dat het programma wijzigt. De belangrijkste aanpassing is dus dat Peter Pan Speedrock de plaats van EODM op de Demolition Stage net na middernacht opvult en dat alle andere bands op dat podium die dag wat later beginnen. Van Elderen: “Speedfest kent drie podia – Wreckers, Demolition en Thrashers – in evenzoveel zalen waar 27 bands komen rocken. Plus de Food Court waar DJ De Rooie Neger de boel op stelten zet. Voornamelijk het programma op de Demolition Stage wordt nu aangepast; in die andere twee zalen en in de Foodcourt zullen de wijzigingen vooralsnog miniem zijn.

Speedfest #10 new time table
Extra beveiliging Speedfest #10
De organisatie stelt tevens alles in het werk voor een maximale beveiliging en scherpt die vanwege de recente gebeurtenissen in Parijs komende zaterdag nog eens extra aan. Frontman Peter: “We gaan adequaat handelen en de veiligheid via diverse wegen tot een maximum ophogen, zonder dat onze bezoekers er direct iets van zullen merken. We zijn er helemaal klaar voor.”