The Roadhouse, Zwarte Cross 2017

Lichtenvoorde, July 14, 2017
By: Chérie

The Roadhouse at the > Zwarte Cross Festival offers the stage to modern hard rock in the setting of a barn.

The first band we saw performing here, at the Friday of this Edition of the Zwarte Cross, was Lookapony from The Netherlands who treated the fresh audience to a mixture of rock and roll and garage pop. King Hiss from Belgium the played a mixture of melodic metal, hard rock, and stoner rock with hardcore.

King Hiss

King Hiss

Because of a short but heavy rainfall we sought shelter elsewhere on the festival premises and therefore unfortunately missed the Swedish band The Kendolls.

The Vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan

After the shower we returned to the barn to listen to the Dutch hard rock band Black Bone, who had attracted a huge numbe of fans. Psychedelic Rock was then served to us by The Vintage Caravan from Iceland.
Unknown to the Dutch audience there was not a big crowd to cheer them, but those not present had made a big mistake. This band is very worth listening to. They have just been signed by Nuclear Blast, the label that is known to have a nose for highly potential metal bands.

We left the Roadhouse after having enjoyed a dose of hard rock by Fleddy Melculy from Belgium, together with an enthusiastic crowd in the packed venue.

Fleddy Melculy

Fleddy Melculy

Check out the full photo report by clicking here.

Blind Guardian, Cirrha Niva @ Lucky

The beautiful and friendly venue Lucky, close to the German border, is not far from Blind Guardian’s home town Krefeld. Blind Guardian is extremely popular not only in Germany but especially in this part of The Netherlands too. Exactly 10 years ago, and his succesful power metal band Blind Guardian, performed on this same stage at Lucky. I myself and many fans with me still remembered how mesmerized we had been, back then, to hear the new songs from A Twist in the Myth.Therefore it was not surprising that the venue was sold out.

Blind Guardian's Audience @ Lucky

Blind Guardian’s Audience @ Lucky

The concert started with a very good performance of the Dutch prog metal band Cirrha Niva, who have not been around as longs as BG, but still for a respectable 23 years. The experience showed: Cirrha Niva gave a very well balanced and musically sound performance.


When BG finally entered the stage, all fans were excited to welcome the aimable singer Hansi Kürsch and his fellow musicians after a much too long period of absence. The enthusiasm was mutual. Hansi reveiled that Lucky is his favorite stage in Holland. Many of the popular songs of the 2006 concert were on the set list now as well. Of course with some later additions.


The audience sang along most of the songs with Hansi and the atmosphere in the hall became very intense and overwelmingly pleasant. The band was called back on stage twice and played an impressive 2 hours and a quarter.

Check out the full photo report of this concert by clicking here or here to buy photo’s (link is valid until 14-02-2017)

Dong Open air 2016

July 14-16, 2016 @ Neukirchen-Vluyn , DE

Photo report and text by Jeanny Pettrocchi

This 16th edition, with the theme ‘INTO THE POTT’, was an absolute blast – just like like the previous years. Dong Open Air is one of the most interesting small festivals in Germany, in a breathtaking scenery. At this festival there is ample opportunity to get to know underground bands. Many and various were the opinions concerning the performances of several bands, that’s why we’re not going into details. For such is mainly a matter of personal preference and taste. However, we will emphasize on the atmosphere in general.

Amorphis at Dong


There was a great variety of metal genre this year, trash, death, folk and melodic deathmetal. Many of the visitors came to see the big boys such as AMORPHIS, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, BLOODBATH and TESTAMENT. But there were also other fine underground bands that rocked everyone’s socks off, like CAN OF WORMS, RAVEN WOODS, apRon and DUSTBOLT! One band that stood out was KRYPTOS, an old school metal band from Bangalore, India.

Indian heavy metal band Kryptos at Dong


Their show was very energetic and entertaining. They needed no warming up at the start: they trashed every second! Currently they are having their ‘In for the Kill’ tour in Germany, until August 13th next. Kryptos is the first metal band from India to be signed by an international label. Their new album ‘Burn up the night’ will be released on September 23rd. We had a little taste of this new album at Dong Open Air. I’d say: check out their single ‘Full throttle’ and be prepared for old school metal madness!

Compared to other festivals, there were not only greasy bites to consume, at DOA. There was a large variety of delicious foods to choose from. And not to mention the large cold beers that were being served! DJ Benne should not be missed neither. Like every other year he was THE man of the afterparty. The visitors were headbanging on Glam metal hits, dancing on schlager music and screaming their lungs out on Slayer tracks.

Dong Open Air Festival premises

Dong Open Air Festival 2016

A large improvement compared to the previous years was the service of the shuttle busses, kuddo’s to that.
We thank the whole Dong Open Air crew for all the hard work in organizing such a great festival.

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Zwarte Cross: The Roadhouse

Lichtenvoorde, zondag 24 juli 2016

Foto’s en tekst: Chérie, Metalphoto

Zondag in The Roadhouse begon met de rock en roll van The Sheepdogs uit Canada, die de warming up mochten verzorgen voor Green Hornet, een band van Groningse garagerockers. De drie man sterke formatie zorgde overtuigend voor goed swingende, stevige, muziek in een, voor het tijdstip, de zonnige middag en het enorme aanbod aan alternatief vertier op de Zwarte Cross, aardig gevulde zaal. Wij waren in elk geval onder de indruk van deze band!

Green Hornet-6459

Ook imponerend was Storksky, het duo van de jonge getalenteerde Nederlandse zanger en gitarist Michiel Claessen en drummer Roy Monen, dat een fantastische sfeer creëerde op het podium.

De sound van de Engelse band Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats vulde The Roadhouse vervolgens met de klanken van psychedelische metal , die een goed gevulde zaal trok.

Uncle Acid-6849

De wederom volle zaal kwam echt goed los bij de alternatieve rock van Paceshifters: een Nederlandse band uit Wijhe bestaande uit de gebroeders Dokman (Paul en Seb) en drummer Jesper Albers.

Pace Shifters-7187

Na hun optreden op de Zwarte Cross van vorig jaar waren alle ogen en oren van de Roadhouse bezoekers natuurlijk gericht op Death Alley. Deze Amsterdamse hard-rock band stelde de ruim toegestroomde fans niet teleur met een overtuigend geroutineerd maar ook bezield optreden als afsluiter van het programma in The Roadhouse.

Klik HIER voor de hele fotoreportage over The Roadhouse op zondag, tijdens de Zwarte Cross 2016.

W:O:A 2016 preview

We have been covering quite some summer festivals this season already. Both in The Netherlands and across our eastern border with Germany, metal music is alive, like never before. All these metal festivals have something special, something cosy to it. But the climax of all these gatherings of the metal community is of course the annual largest metal festival week in the beginning of August, in the tiny village of Wacken in northern Germany. Wacken Open Air is not a local party, like all the others – no W:O:A is a true jamboree and we would not want to skip attending one year!
In the photo below, that we took last year, you can see why.


Can you already feel the magic in the air, of all these people celebrating their love for metal together?
Even if you have never been to Wacken Open Air, you can catch a small gasp of it, from our photo reports, we hope. Just 17 more days and then we all go loose!
So… what can you expect from Metalphoto at W:O:A this year?

Well, hopefully no more mud slides – we hope the rainy season will be over by then.
Looking at the vast program it will be hard to choose, but of course we will be true to our nature and you will see us at the stages filled with black and death metal mostly and of course to cheer our Dutch musicians.
What does our menu suggestion look like?
We start getting settled on wednesday evening while cheering at the Dutch band BLIKSEM. On Thursday there’s a bunch of appetizers on the Black Stage: Saxon, Whitesnake and Lemmy. And then you have Tsjuder and Marduk – black metal on the W:E:T stage, Vader on Headbangers stage before the main dish is served at the True Metal Stage with IRON MAIDEN !!!

Any other festival would be a big succes with this line up alone, but for W:O:A: this is just warming up day. After a good night’s sleep at the VIP camp ground intend to start the next day fresh at 1 pm with our own Dutch Legion of the Damned on the Black Stage. This is where we’ll linger the rest of the day to see Entombed, Eluveitie,Tarja and Ministry. Unfortunately this will make us miss Equilibrium, but we might take some strolls over to the W;E;T stage for 1349 and to the Headbangers stage to enlighten our spirits with Orphaned Land (maybe), Alcest and Ihsahn (certainly). Meanwhile we’ll also watch Blind Guardian at the true metal stage and maybe, just maybe, if we can stay awake, we’ll also go and watch Kampfar and Testament, in the small hours.

Testament on stage


On Saturday we’ll probably be roasted, but Dragon Force will certainly get us back in our dancing shoes: party time at noon!
Dragonforce on stage


Later followed by Devil Driver at the Party Stage.Meanwhile we’ll check out Wackinger Village and the Metal Market.
Then, in the evening we’ll enjoy Auro Noir before banging our heads off at ARCH ENEMY!

Well this is just our plan; because you need one when there’s too much to choose from. We’ll probably see a lot of other bands that are just as great but still unknown to us. Beacuse Wacken has been the cradle to many metal stars. We hope to see some being born this year as well.
So check out our report later! See you at WACKEN from August 3-6, 2016.

Dokk’em Open Air 2016

DOKK’EM OPEN AIR 2016 June 24 & 25 Fryslan, The Netherlands
By Jeanny Petrocchi

For this 11th edition of the metal festival DOKK’EM OPEN AIR, the entire Dokkem organisation has done their utmost effort to compile a great and varied line up. With names such as Testament, Soilwork, Dragonforce, Moonspell and Doro.

Besides at the ROCK HAND stage, one could also enjoy a piece of Dokkum at the PARTY stage. There was plenty of room for entertainment thanks to bands like SLEEËR, THE HELL PATROL, D.R.D, KKKKHHHRROME, MANU ARMATA and of course the exciting show of the fire-spitting sexy ladies of the DRAGON GIRLS.

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk'em Open Air

Fire spitting artists Dragon Girls on stage at Dokk’em Open Air

There was never a dull moment with the traditional games of ‘Wheel of Steel’ and ‘Grunting for Tokens’. And if you missed that, there always was Metal Karaoke to show off your talent or you could play an air solo on inflatable guitars.

Right after the ‘Night of Dokkem’ metalheads, in large numbers, went to the field to be fueled with more metal. It was a beautiful and sunny day! 13 STEPS, played at noon, being the first appearance of the day. Followed by BLIKSEM, HEIDEVOLK, RAVEN, GRAVE, PRIMORDIAL, and SOILWORK. The headliner on Friday was the legendary band from the San Fransisco Bay Area (USA), TESTAMENT. They made their first appearance in 2013 at this festival and this year they returned to trash the hell out of DOA again. But unfortunately, due to a technical malfunction, TESTAMENT couldn’t perform on the main stage. In no time the Dokkem crew moved everything to the Party stage so that they could play there. A ‘huge’ and highly talented band on a small stage. A sight that is forever etched in our memories !

After a successful Friday and a hell of a midnight party at the Frisian Metal bus, metalheads gathered again on the campingfield for coffee and BLASTBEATS FOR BREAKFAST. They have been served a generous portion of metal and energetic vibes, which proved to be an awfully good remedy against a hangover! The Frisian band KJELD was the opening act of that rainy saturday, followed by the Dutch killing machine IZEGRIM.

Austrian trash metal band Insanity Alert

Insanity Alert

INSANITY ALERT was the surprise of the day! A trash band from Austria with S.O.D., D.R.I., Nuclear Assault influences. They trashed Dokkem out like no other with their hits ‘Glorious Trash’ and ‘Run to the Pit, mosh for your life’.
The lovers of HM2-sound also had a piece of swedish old school death metal from the giants of ENTRAILS and ENTOMBED.

MOONSPELL has put down a smashing show, like we’re used from these Portugese stars. After their performance the men gathered backstage to watch the exciting soccer match of Portugal against Croatia. We can conclude that they went back to Portugal very satisfied, after a great deliverance at Dokkem and the fact that their country classified for the EU’s quarter finals.
The British power metal band DRAGONFORCE, was less fortunate. They performed an excellent show for all their fans. Only on the way back home, The British Airways lost all Herman Li’s guitars at Amsterdam Schiphol. We hope they will be returned to him soon without damage.

DORO and FINTROLL were the headliners on Saturday night.

Doro on stage at Dokk'em Open Air 2016

Doro on stage at Dokk’em Open Air 2016

Finally DOA has managed to bring The Queen of Heavy Metal to Dokkum. Doro Pesch has been in the heavymetal scene for over 30 years , has sold millions of albums, has given numerous concerts worldwide and has worked with great and legendary artists like Lemmy, Ronny James Dio, Amon Amarth, Tarja Turunen, Judas Priest and Twisted Sister. Fans enjoyed songs like ‘Für immer’, ‘We are the Metalhead’ and ‘All we are’. Another pleasant surprise was a rousing and incredibly awesome cover of Judas Priest ‘Breaking the Law’ in a Doro jacket.

The 11th edition of Dokk’em Open Air on June 25th would be the last, as previously divulged by the organisation. We are keeping our hopes high for this great festival to continue. Thank you Dokk’em for all those years of fun and metal madness.

Click here to go to the full photoreport with 200 pictures of Dokk’em Open Air 2006 by photographer Jeanny Petrocchi of Metalphoto.



Hard core lovers in The Netherlands and surroundings are strongly advised to travel to Hengelo (OV) on August 24, 2016.
Los Angeles’ hard core band TERROR comes to the Mid-east of the Lowlands for a unique show in the wonderful venue METROPOOL, accompanied by Angel Crew and Cornered: hard core from our own turf.

Poster Terror at Metropool

Poster Terror

Come and join us in the mosh pit but please do not crush our photographer(Jeanny)’s camera!
Metalphoto will reward you with a bad ass photo report from the floor, shortly afterwards.

Elsrock 2016

Elsrock 2016 Rijssen, The Netherlands

By: Jeanny Petrocchi

”Do you know Jesus?” Those were the welcoming words from preachers we’ve got when we set foot at the premises. The bitter history of Elsrock is still etched in our memories. A few years ago Elsrock was one of the greatest festivals on dutch soil. The last open air festival was in 2011 with great acts such as Asphyx, Nuclear Assault, Grave, Grand Magus and so on. They booked a succesful and well attended edition.

After 5 years of absence, the organization decided to do a comeback. Metal fans from all over the region went massively to Rijssen to support our local dutchies. What a way to start the resurrection of Elsrock with our own talented musicians by pulling a varied line-up and a great atmosphere. All the ingredients of a metal festival were there! From greasy bites and an endless flow of beer to band merchandise and of course good LOUD music, guaranteeing a day of absolute fun and metal mayhem.

Headliner Martyr at Elsrock 2016

Headliner Martyr at Elsrock 2016

Bands that made their appearance at Elsrock’s resurrection are: Infantry, Anarchos, Deadly Alliance, The Heritance, Roadcrew, 3rd Machine, Caedere, Tarragona and Martyr as headliner.

A big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped to make this event a great succes, the bands for giving all their brutality on stage, the audience for their great support and last but not least the organisation of Elsrock for rising from the ashes!

Until next year: on June 10 2017 there will be another edition of Elsrock!

Check out Jeanny’s photo report on Elsrock 2016 through this link.

To buy these photo’s click HERE

Moonspell’s Road to Extinction Tour

Metropool, Hengelo, March 31, 2016

By Jeanny Petrocchi

Moonspell’s ROAD TO EXTINCTION TOUR started last month. Thursday March 31, was the day that Moonspell hit the Dutch turf once more. This Portuguese band performaned succesfully at the Metropool venue in Hengelo. It was quite an outstanding show with smoke, fog and foam and last but not least the output of these talented musicians.

The band went on stage with ‘Breathe’ and then followed by ‘Extinct’, both songs from their latest album EXTINCT. Several songs of their very first album WOLFHEART were also on the setlist. This album was a huge succes 20 years ag, for the then unknown band. The subsequent album IRRELIGIOUS got the band a large fan base in Europe. Songs of these two albums were the highlights of the evening. Songs as ‘Opium’, ‘Awake’, ‘Raven Claws’ and ‘Full moon madness’ could not be left out.

Stage shot of the Portugese black metal band Moonspell, headbanging whilst playing music.Moonspell’s Road to Extinction Tour

The scenery was suitably bathed in red light during the song of ‘Vampiria’. Fernando Ribeiro appeared on stage with a long red velvet cape. People had come to hear the old Moonspel land they’ve got a glimpse of it. Especially during the songs ‘Alma Mater’ and ‘Opium’ the audience went totally crazy.

The concert ended with the classic ‘Full moon Madness’. For those who couldn’t make it to Metropool and Baroeg, Moonspell will be performing again at Dokk’em Open Air this year.

Obrigado Moonspell for a dazzling show. See ya´ll at Dokk’em Open Air!

Setlist Moonspell: Breathe, Extinct, Night Eternal, Opium, Awake, Domina, Last of us, Ruin & Misery, Raven claws, Malignia, En nome do Medo, Vampiria, Ataegina, Alma Mater, Everything Invaded, The future is dark, Full moon madness.

Click HERE to see the full photo report of this dazzling show !!

Amsterdam Metalfest

Another succesful edition of a sold out Amsterdam Metalfest took place last weekend at the Melkweg venue located at the heart of the Dutch capitol Amsterdam. Under the metallized tunes and growling vocals of the bands that performed that evening the audience did what they knew best. They took their most daring and extreme attempt to slam dance and to create a small wall of death.

Head shot of the singer of Dutch metal band Carach Angren on stage

Carach Angren

Click HERE to see our photoreport of the following bands: HERDER, GOD DETHRONED, CARACH ANGREN and DECAPITATED.

The next edition of A.M.F. will be on October 15th. Bands will be anounced later on their facebook page.


Morgoth - Incantation - Dark Rise European Tour Poster 2016

Morgoth – Incantation – Dark Rise European Tour Poster 2016

Op 18 april a.s. is er een gaaf bruut death metal concert in BAROEG Rotterdam (NL). Headliners zijn het Duitse Morgoth en Incantation uit de USA. Daarnaast spelen het Zwitserse Dark Rise en Omophagia en het Italiaanse Methedras. Deze Zwitserse en Italiaanse metallers zijn voor de meesten in Nederland nog onbekend. Maar dat zal voor Dark Rise zeker niet lang meer duren. Dit reeds 16 jaar oude kwintet uit Lausanne, heeft inmiddels 5 langspelers op zijn naam staan. Onlangs, 18 maart 2016, werd de CD Fear, Hate and Corruption uitgebracht. Voor de promotie van deze CD is deze tour bedoeld. Metalphoto heeft het schijfje beluisterd en is helemaal weg van hun stijl, die old school Death metal mengt met hardcore invloeden en punk en trash beats. Vooral het eerste nummer van de CD: Do or Die ligt superlekker in het gehoor. Het vierde nummer “Cold” munt uit in vingervlugge gitaarriffs en strakke beats. In het daarop volgende “Blinded” komt de band helemaal goed op stoom, met een super swingende sound, vette gitaarsolo’s en lekker snel drumwerk. De CD moet het verder vooral hebben van de consequent-brute sfeer die overtuigend wordt neergezet. Ook de lyrics zijn serieus aandacht waard. De CD hoes inlay met de loodzware, maatschappijkritische, teksten is HIER TE DOWNLOADEN.
De CD Fear, Hate and Corruption omvat tien nummers, duurt 47 minuten en is geproduceerd in de Parlour Studio in Engeland, onder leiding van producer Russ Russell bekend van Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, Evile e.v.a. Hij is uitgebracht onder het label Punishing records uit Lausanne, CH.

De volledige CD is op YouTube te beluisteren:

en HIER te bestellen.

Tribulation – The Wailing Dead Tour 2016

by: Chérie Photography, Metalphoto

Our contributor Russell is Metalphoto´s walking Metal Encyclopedia. Not only that, he has a nose for spotting emerging talent. Like when Wolves in the Throneroom was unknown in Europe, he introduced me to their music. When Ghost was still singing off pitch in obscure venues, we went there together and, unlike me, hé saw their great commercial potential . And the list is much longer, dating back almost two decades, but I will not bother you with it, my point has been made clear, I think.

When TRIBULATION was announced to play in pop temple Doornroosje, in Nijmegen (NL), and Russell told me to go and see them, I did not hestitate to follow his advice . Because he said to me that they are hot and – what appealed to me most – they sound very much like my favorite band Dissection .
The EP Melancholia, that I listened to in preparation, already confirmed this description and so did their life performance at Doornroosje. One particular phrase came to my mind that seems appropriate to describe my experience in short : ‘we have just had the pleasure of witnessing an emerging star that is going to be great, very great in the near future’.

Swedish metal band Tribulation


Tribulation is a Swedish metal band that is currently touring Europe with their “The Wailing Dead” Tour. The band was founded in 2004. It’s members are Johannes Andersson – Bass and Vocals, Adam Zaars, Guitars Jonathan Hultén, Guitars and Jakob Ljungberg, drums.

The voice of the vocalist is very much like that of his late Swedish colleague, the legendary and infamous Jon Nödtveidt of Dissection; the melodic lines and guitar riffs and guitar solos with the typical sound of the Gibson Les Paul, remember us of Dissection, but the execution is more sophisticated. The atmosphere the band creates on stage is both dark mystical and vibrant. The dim lighting and burning incense support the music well. Unlike the relatively static and detached performances of the late great Dissection, this band’s guitarist Jonathan Hultén jumps around merrily and lively on stage, seeking contact with the audience, while doing so. His peers follow this behaviour but more subdued.

Jonathan Hultén of Tribulation on Guitars

Jonathan Hultén

Only a select audience of some 250 people was present in Doornroosje. These metal fans knew what they were coming for, they were dedicated and very focussed on the performance. This made the atmosphere in the club intimate and pleasant. The bands mystical auro therefore could come into full play. We highly enjoyed this act and we compliment the Dutchbooking agent Fortarock with their excellent choice of programming.
Check out the exclusive photo report of the show by clicking here.

Further shows on this European tour are:
19.01.2016 Nürnberg (Germany) – Club Z-bau
20.01.2016 Innsbruck (Austria) – Weekender Club
21.01.2016 Vienna (Austria) – Viper Room
22.01.2016 Budapest (Hungary) – Durer Kert
23.01.2016 München (Germany) – Backstage
24.01.2016 Aarau (Switzerland) – Kiff
25.01.2016 Colmar (France) – Le Grillen
26.01.2016 Paris (France) – Glazart
27.01.2016 Hasselt (Belgium) – Muziekodroom
28.01.2016 Leiden (The Netherlands) – Gebr De Nobel
29.01.2016 Essen (Germany) – Turock
30.01.2016 Leipzig (Germany) – Werk2

Leter this year this band will also tour North America and Japan.
See more at: Century Media

SPARTAN- The Fall of Olympus

Rotting Christ fans zullen op de CD The Fall of Olympus onmiddellijk de invloeden horen van de genoemde Griekse black metal iconen. Spartan is echter een Nederlandse band, die muzikaal weliswaar heel duidelijk door Rotting Christ geïnspireerd is en evenzo d oor de verhalen uit de Griekse mythologie, maar ook andere muzikale invloeden heeft geabsorbeerd.
Net als in Rotting Christ’s Aelo, is de onlangs uitgekomen CD The Fall of Olympus een concept album; het onderwerp is de Griekse mythologie. De muziek wordt gekenmerkt door death metal vocalen, waarin epische verhalen verteld worden.
Het eerste nummer, The Age of Men en het nummer Titanomachy, gaan over de Titanenstrijd tussen de Ttitaanse reuzen o.l.v. Kronos tegen diens zoon Zeus, die op de Olympus zetelt. Alom bekende verhalen zoals dat van Helena en het paard van Troje en de Minotaur passeren de revue. Oorlog in de Griekse oudheid is een rode draad door het verhaal.

Album cover The Fall Of Olympus

The Fall Of Olympus

Spartan wordt geschaard in het melodisch death metal genre maar dat kenmerkt het geluid op deze CD slechts ten dele. Wat we horen is een basis van beukende old school death metal drums met daarop een mix van swingende metalcore gitaar riffs oversausd met heel veel melodieuze heavy metal /power metal solo’s, en, in de verschillende nummers afwisselende vocalen, balancerend tussen thrash, black en death metal (zoals bij Rotting Christ) met een enkele power metal inbreng.
Chaotisch? Niet meer dan functioneel is voor een CD die over zo’n complex thema verhaalt als de ondergang van de goden van de Olympus.
Mijn favoriete nummers zijn Immortal en Titanomachy, power metal ritmiek en dito gitaarsolo’s met black/death metal vocals: een krachtige combinatie, die we op meer nummers op deze CD terug vinden.

Spartan is in 2013 op tour geweest met Griekse black metal legende Rotting Christ (samen met Twilight of the Gods, Negura Bunget en Implode), met wie ze in Nederland, Duitsland, Oostenrijk, Zwitserland, België en Frankrijk hebben opgetreden.
Als resultaat van deze gezamenlijke muzikale reis bevat The Fall of Olympus gastvocalen van power metal zanger Henning Basse (Metalium/Sons of Seasons/MaYaN) op Breaking the Chains of the Olympus (nr.4), van de Haarlemse rock/metal zangeres Hadassa Kosten (theNAME) op het mede door haar geschreven Euredyce’s song (nr. 12). Door deze cleane zang wordt het dynamisch bereik van de vocale klank van Spartan aanzienlijk uitgebreid. Dit geeft de CD nét die sprankeling extra die het extra opmerkelijk maakt.
De derde gastbijdrage, na een gepaste stilte… last but not least, is van Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) op het slotnummer (13), Sons of Sparta. Waarmee de meester zijn zegen lijkt te geven aan dit uitstekende album.

De CD is prachtig afgewerkt, met een fraai hardcover en boekje. Het bezienswaardige artwork is van de hand van Roderique Arisiaman (Dracorubio) en Richard Terborg.
Ik vroeg me aanvankelijk af waarom gekozen was voor een anachronisme: de Griekse strijders die in het boekje staan afgebeeld zijn de bandleden, in contemporaine spijkerbroeken gekleed, maar voorzien van historisch strijdmateriaal. Later begon het me te dagen hoe sterk dit de inhoud van de CD weergeeft: 21e eeuwse metal over Griekse mythologie: briljant gekozen!

Wil je een indruk van de CD krijgen luister dan hier naar wat samples:

De CD kun je hier bestellen.

Het volgende Live optreden van Spartan is op 2 januari 2016 in P60 in Amstelveen

Spartan (opgericht in 2007) zetelt in Haarlem en bestaat uit: Jeffrey Rademakers – Vocals, lyrics, Pieter Vink – Guitars, composer, Nick van Beusekom – Guitars, composer, Mike van Bekkum Bass guitar, Frank Bos– Drums, some lytrics.

Album: The Fall Of Olympus

Released by Into The LimeLight Records – NL
UPC: 8718868631114

1 The Age of Man
2 Helena
3 Immortal
4 Breaking the Chains of Olympus
5 Elysium
6 The Labyrinth
7 At the Dawn of War
8 Titanomachy
9 Written in Sand
10 Glory Awaits
11 A Beautiful Death
12 Eurydice’s Song
13 Sons of Sparta

Speedfest 10th Ed

by Jeanny Petrocchi

On November 21, 2015, SPEEDFEST celebrated its 10th edition at the ‘’clock building’’ in Eindhoven. No wonder the festival was sold out with such a great line up: Carcass, Napalm Death, Danko Jones, Peter Pan Speedrock, Obituary, Voivod, Pro Pain, Refused, High on Fire, The Hip Priests, Death Alley, Crobot, Avatarium and many more.


Unfortunately, as is well known, The Eagles of Death Metal cancelled their European tour and didn’t perform here. The festival took one minute of silence to commemorate all the victims of the tragedy in Paris.

DJ ‘’De Rooie Neger’’ entertained all the visitors at the foodcourt with tracks from Dolly Parton to Slayer, from Snoop Dog to Bob Marley and all the oldest dutch songs you can ever think of. At Speedfest everything is possible: We saw visitors, who wore the most brutal metal shirts, singing and dancing on popular tunes from the 60’s to the 90’s. This DJ offered something for everyone and surprised everyone with well- and lesser-known old school music in so many genre. Thanks to the organisation for this amazing festival, all the volunteers and of course a special thanks to Peter Pan Speedrock!

Check out our photo report photo report here

Metal Friday with BLOODSIN

September 29, 2015 Metropool Hengelo, The Netherlands

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Three brutal metalbands from the Dutch county of Overijssel performed last night at the Metropool venue in Hengelo. Songs played were about zombies, horror and lots of brutality, while next door there was another event going on where the audience was being spooked as well.

Rotten Casket live on stage

Rotten Casket

The opening act this evening was Rotten Casket, performing old school death metal in Swedish style. If you have not yet heard of these guys, read our interview with Rotten Casket (in Dutch) here.
Followed by Caedere, who play a mixture of US blast death metal and Swedish (old school) death metal. Last band that performed this night was Bloodsin, an old school death metal band with an agressive modern twist.

Bloodsin live on stage in black and white



Baroeg Open Air, September 19th 2015 Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
By Jeanny Petrocchi

Baroeg Open Air is he only Dutch free festival with a variety of great performances at THREE (!) stages. There is music for everyone’s taste, from metal to electronic music. The visitors that attended this festival were mostly fans of the two big headliners VADER and VENOM Inc. It’s not the first time, nor the last, that Vader touched the Dutch soil. Poland’s death metal giants Vader took the stage right after the spectacular performance of the RYKERS. They showed why they are still a force to be reckoned within the extreme metal world. The guitars are clear and distinct, the drums are tight and powerful. The bass has a characteristic thunder sound. The vocal performance of Piotr is well executed and, again, straight death metal!

Vader's guitar player on stage


The headliner Venom Inc. did certainly not dissapoint! With a great clarity and unbelievable volume, these veterans performed with precision and high energy. They are currently touring in Europe with Vader. What to expect is a full and classic Venom set, followed by a brand new album. We have high expectations of this album. No doubt it will be venomously brutal and mindblowing! Baroeg Open Air was the first show of this tour.

Venom Inc's guitar player on stage

Venom Inc

We were fortunate to witness such great bands at this festival and for free. Therefore…. Horns up to all the volunteers for working their asses off. Without them, there was no BOA 2015! \m/

Click here fort he full photoreport of the following bands: RAKETKANON, RATS ON RAFTS, RYKERS, KID HARLEQUIN, IGORRR, VADER AND VENOM INC.


Occultfest 4-5 September 2015 Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
Photo report by Jeanny Petrocchi

Occultfest is a cozy festival where you can hangout with your friends, grab a beer or two or maybe more and meet new people with interest in metal music. This festival has become a tradition! There is nothing better than closing a hectic period of summer festivals at Occultfest. The field was muddy, but that wasn’t an obstacle to disturb the fun.

Contradiction on stage


Bands we portrayed on Saturday were: Arroganz, Contradiction, Illusionless, Saille, Selfmachine, Tribal Spirits, Undawn and the co-headliners Exrementory Grindfuckers from Germany. The headliners at Occultfest 2015 were our own Dutchies of Carach Angren. And last but not least we’ve enjoyed the performance of Killing Cult Society, who wrapped up a once again succesful edition of Occultfest.

Vocalist of Carach Angren

Carach Angren

Once again, a big thank you to the organisation and the volunteers that nailed it this year again.

Click  here for the photoreport of this festival. This is how they make a blast of fun! So be there next year!

Interview Rotten Casket

Onder het genot van een paar biertjes en wat gezoem van de bijen hebben we de zanger van Rotten Casket, Willem, geïnterviewd. We hebben veel van dit exclusieve interview genoten en er veel bij gelachen. Momenteel is de band bezig met de opnames voor de nieuwe E.P. Houd hun bandcamp site en Facebook pagina in de gaten voor updates van de nieuwe ep en concert data. Don’t miss it!

Door: Jeanny Petrocchi

1. Metalphoto: Jullie debuutopname is een cassette tape met de titel Simply Rotten Death; ik kan nergens wat over de lyrics vinden. Ik neem aan dat het over sterven, verrotten en horror gaat. Is dat juist?
Willem: Hahaha ja dat is correct, absoluut. Waar het vooral over gaat is zeg maar een beetje over horror thema’s, zombies, ook een beetje anti religieus – dat soort klassieke thema’s. Het is allemaal een beetje standaard. Het voldoet aan de verwachting!

2. Metalphoto: Vanwaar de inspiratie om over dit soort dingen te schrijven?
Willem: Nou gewoon, ik vind het op zich wel bij de muziekstijl passen. Het is net zo iets als bijvoorbeeld ‘’Left Hand Path’’ en ‘’Dark Recollections’’ van Entombed en Carnage. Ja dat gaat ook over dat soort thema’s. Song titels als ‘’Supposed to Rot’’ en ‘’Thorn Apart’’, gaan allemaal over horror thema’s, mensen slopen en dat soort dingen, hahaha.

3. Metalphoto: Wie is de ‘’Lennon’’ en wie is de ‘’Mc Cartney’’ in Rotten Casket? Wie schrijft de lyrics en wie komt met ideeën voor de muziek?
Willem: Hahahahaha, nou dat vind ik een goeie. Ik denk de ‘’Lennon’’ in de zin van nummers schrijven, dat zal Frank zijn. Hij is onze gitarist uit Duitsland die Rotten Casket eigenlijk gestart is. Hij komt namelijk met alle Riffs. The ‘’Mc Cartney’’ is denk ik Iwan, de andere gitartist, hij zorgt ervoor dat de nummers allemaal ‘opgeboost’ worden. Nou ja eigenlijk een beetje die verhouding zeg maar.

4. Metalphoto: En jij schrijft alle teksten?
Willem: Ja ik schrijf alle teksten.

5. Metalphoto: Sommige musici richten een nieuwe band op omdat ze hun eigen muziek in hun huidige band niet kunnen laten horen of ze kunnen onderling niet met elkaar opschieten of het begint als een grap etc. Wat is het verhaal achter Rotten Casket, hoe zijn jullie bij elkaar gekomen?
Willem: Nou het is eigenlijk zo gegaan….Frank ,de gitarist dus uit Duitsland, die had een Facebook pagina online en Frank is een goede vriend van onze bassist Arjan. Via hem kwam ik op zijn pagina terecht. Hij had toen wat rifjes gepost. Toen was het nog niet eens een band, het was meer zijn eigen soort hobby projectje als het ware. Toen heb ik dat geluisterd, en dacht hey, dit klinkt wel heel gaaf. Dus toen had ik hem gecontact, zo van ‘Yo, zou je het leuk vinden als ik daar wat vocalen overheen zet?’. Gewoon thuis, weet je wel, opnemen. En toen zei hij, ‘ja doe maar, lijkt mij wel heel gaaf! En in de tussentijd was daar onze drummer Niels, die ook in Caedere gitaar speelt, die wou gaan drummen maar dan een beetje in de Zweedse Entombed stijl zeg maar, a la Nicke Andersson, de oude drummer. En toen dacht ik van ja, waarom combineren we dat gewoon niet. Frank die schrijft al die Zweedse riff, met de typische sound; en Niels wil graag drummen…. Dus toen heb ik gezegd laten we bij mekaar gaan zitten in de oefenruimte, kijken wat het wordt. Zo gezegd, zo gedaan! We hebben een keertje in Hengelo, bij Metropool, in de oefenruimte gezeten. Nou dat ging eigenlijk best wel boven verwachting goed. Toen hadden we zoiets van, laten we er gewoon een band van maken. En vervolgens, ‘ja wie moeten we nou vragen?’ Arjan die zat destijds in Bloody Remains, dat is ook een band uit Enschede. Op dat moment liep die band dan een beetje stroef. Maar Arjan had wel zoiets van, ja ik wil eigenlijk wel gewoon muziek maken met een band. ‘Kan ik niet bij jullie bassen?’ Nou, dus toen hadden we Arjan op bass erbij gehaald. Toen zijn we als 4-mans formatie gaan oefenen. Toen bedachten we, eigenlijk willen we er toch een wat voller geluid bij hebben, wat meer melodie erin. En dat gaat niet met éen gitaar, want als je dan solo speelt valt het dood. Toen zochten we dus een tweede gitarist en was Iwan al een heel snelle keus. Zo zijn we ontstaan en zo is het verder gegaan.

Rotten Casket 2 Continue reading


Op 22 augustus 2015 vond in Nijverdal het Live metal/rock festival plaats gecombineerd met TATTOO en PIERCING/Lifestyle.
Tot onze vreugde heeft onze voormalige fotograaf Ernst van Rossum hiervan een exclusieve foto reportage gemaakt voor Metalphoto.

Het festival was georganiseerd door Cult-Art Shop Nijverdal van Gert-Jan Aaltink.
Het vond plaats op twee podia, zowel binnen als buiten en was een groot succes.

Dead Man's Walk

Dead Man’s Walk

Lineup: Abrupt Demise – Illusionless – Dead man’s walk – Tarragona – Neckbreak nation – Mandrale’s monster – Dubiosis – My Propane – Hitten – Bleeding Gods – Dictated – Kong – Saille – Rebelstar – Hypnos – Magnacult – Distillator – Grown cold.

Cult Art Tattoo Shop

Cult Art Tattoo Shop

Wacken: Open: Air 2015 – world’s largest, funniest and muddiest metal festival

By Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Wacken Open Air July 31st – August 2nd Germany

Wacken’s premises were a total chaos this year. The field has turned into a swamp of mud. It had been raining for days and that had resulted in knee-deep puddles of mud. On Wednesday the organization spread the news on social media to stay at home and to come on Thursday instead. For two days the towing services had their hands full towing cars out of the mud. But, beside all that, the ambience, the great performances and beer, made this festival once again a great succes.

People struggling through muddy terrain at Wacken Open Air metalfestival

Wacken Open Air 2015

Wacken Open Air festival attracts all kinds of metal music fans from all around the world. For three days great bands made their performances on different stages such as Savatage & TSO, Annihilator, Black Label Society, Dream Theater, Judas Priest, Cradle of Filth, Rob Zombie, Oomph!, Opeth, Queensrÿche, Sabaton and many more.

Danny Filth on stage

Cradle of Filth

Impressive was ‘’The original Rock meets Classic’’ act. The musical director Mat Sinner merges the boundaries between Rock and classical music with its international high-caliber “Mat Sinner band” and the symphonic Power of Bohemian Orchestra Prague. Great musicians were invited to give a hell of a show with this orchestra. We’re talking about Joe Lynn Turner singing songs of Rainbow, Michael Kiske singing songs of Helloween and Dee Snider singing classics of Twisted Sisters and AC/DC.

Rock meets Classic on stage

Rock meets Classic

This year, again for the 11th time in a row, in less than 48 hours the tickets of Wacken 2016 where sold out. The 75,000 metalheads that already have a ticket can look forward to the following bands performing at the W:O:A 2016: Blind Guardian, Ministry, Steel Panther, Eluveitie, Dragonforce, Callejon, Axel Rudi Pell, Legion of the Damned, Orden Ogan, Orphaned Land, Borknagar, Eskimo Callboy, Henry Rollins Spoken Word, Therion, Unisonic, Kylesa and Pyogenesis. More acts for the line-Up 2016 will be published in September next.

Click HERE for the full W:O:A: 2015 photoreport of the Wacken field, headbangers and the following bands: At the Gates, Blaas of Glory, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Dreamtheater, Exumer, Nuclear Assault, Opeth, Queensrÿche and Subway to Sally.

Into the Grave 2015 Metalfestival

Leeuwarden, August 8, 2015
By: Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

For the fifth time in a row the Oldehoofster-Graveyard in Leeuwarden was jam-packed with metal fans. Into the Grave festival is steadily growing in popularity! Approximately 7,000 visitors attended this sold out festival, mainly to witness great performances of the big three: Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Sepultura.

Sepultura is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. This immensely popular Brazilian band is doing an extensive European tour in July, August and November. On this tour they will perform a special setlist featuring songs they usually don’t play live. Sepulfans at Into the Grave were lucky they took part of this celebration and sang a long all the classics this band has released for the past 30 years like; Troops of Doom, Inner Self, Dead Embryonic Cells, Arise, From the Past Comes the Storm, Propaganda and Territory. Other songs they performed that evening were; Kairos, Apes of God, Breed Apart, Convicted in Life, Under my Skin, Choke, Cut-throat, Ratamahatta and Roots Bloody Roots.

Sepultura's frontman Derick Green performing on stage


We absolutely enjoyed Avatar as well, they did an outstanding stage presentation from the beginning till the end. They brought everyone on the Graveyard into life with their catchy riffs, you could literally feel the ground under your feet trembling like an earthquake. Also Sabaton should not be underestimated. This Swedish headliner closed the festival with the thundering sounds of power metal, supported by heavy artillery fireworks, confetti cannons and flamethrowers.

Metal band Avatar's guitar player


The first name for the 6th edition of Into The Grave has already been announced: EXODUS! Presale has started already. More acts for the line-up 2016 will be published later this year.

Click HERE for the full photoreport of Into The Grave of the following bands: Audrey Horne, AvatarAvatar, Cannibal Corpse, Ensiferum, the always friendly guys of Obituary, Sepultura and Sabaton.

Cannibal Corpse en Carnifex Live in Baroeg

Baroeg, Rotterdam, 10 augustus 2015
Tekst en beeld van Chérie, Metalphoto

Het, in mijn ogen, beste metal concert van, pakweg, de laatste twee jaar trok géén 100.000 bezoekers. Er kwam geen spectaculaire vuurshow, noch rookmachine aan te pas. De podium belichting was old school eenvoudig en het uitverkochte zaaltje – volgepakt met zwetende mensen, als ware het een sauna – had geen airco, zelfs geen plafondventilatoren, alleen een deur die in de pauze frisse lucht binnen liet.
Toch was de sfeer onvergetelijk; de band die speelde had geen gimmicks nodig. Cannibal Corpse heeft genoeg aan hun talent, hun vingervlugge strakke spel, de jazzy gitaarakkoorden, ingewikkelde bassolo’s en het supersnelle drumwerk, de ijzersterke songs en het charisma van hun frontman sinds 1995, de onbehouwen, ogenschijnlijke bullebak, George Corpsegrinder Fisher.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse bracht vorig jaar hun 13e studioalbum uit: “A Skeletal Domain” een geweldig album in de strakke eigen stijl die we al bijna 30 jaar van CC kennen. De meest brute Death Metal band van de Verenigde Staten kwam even over om acte de presence te geven op Wacken Open Air voor hun fans in de lage landen. In de nasleep van dat festijn deden ze in Nederland Into the Grave (Leeuwarden) en Baroeg (Rotterdam) aan. In Baroeg speelden ze een selectie uit de meeste van hun CD’s, wat een aaneenschakeling van griezelverhalen vormde dat op veel bijval van het publiek kon rekenen. Van het meest recente “Domain” speelden ze: Kill or Become, Sadistic Emmbodiment en Ice Pick Lobotomy.
Dat deze CD in de smaak viel bleek onder meer uit het feit dat de CD direct na afloop van het concert uitverkocht raakte.
Klik hier voor de fotoreportage van dit duistere concert en de setlist van Cannibal Corpse.

We hebben CC al vaker zien optreden, maar wat maakte dit concert zo speciaal?
Er was in Baroeg een overduidelijke klik tussen George en zijn publiek. Door de intieme sfeer van dit underground zaaltje was George die avond op zijn best. Zelden heb ik hem zo’n interactie met het publiek zien hebben, zeker niet buiten zijn vaderland. Hij babbelde ontspannen tegen de aanwezigen. Stelde zelfs een dame gerust dat hij niet op haar zou spugen en wees olijk een leeg plekje op de podiumvloer aan waar hij dat dan wel zou doen… Toen alle aanwezigen bijkans bezweken aan de hitte deelden hij en de andere bandleden spontaan hun podium ventilatortje en flesjes water met het publiek op de voorste rijen. Echt, het was kostelijk.
Maar natuurlijk was het de muziek die de echte magie opriep.

Bekijk de video van Evisceration Plague – CC live at Baroeg

Door dit optreden zou je bijna vergeten hoe goed het voorprogramma was, maar dat mag ook niet onvermeld blijven. Death Core band Carnifex uit San Diego (CA) is in de loop der jaren steeds geroutineerder geworden. Ze waren een lust voor oog en oor en het publiek kon deze opwarmer bijzonder goed waarderen.

Death Core band Carnifex live on stage at Baroeg (NL)


Dong Open Air – Metal Festival Germany

Neukirchen (DE) July 16 – 18, 2015
By Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

‘’Party all night Dong” – with this motto almost 3000 metalfans from all over Germany and The Netherlands attended this festival which took place in Neukirchen – Vluyn near Krefeld on the top of the Dongberg (Halde, Northern Germany). The audience came this year to celebrate the festival’s 15th anniversary. For the metalfans from the region, Dong Open Air is the highlight of the year. The festival on the Mushmore Mountain in Neuerkirchen-Vluyn is an underground festival which was launched in 2001. This year as usual great headliners and co-headliners participated at this event such as Debauchery, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gamma Ray, Kissin’ Dynamite, Eluveitie, Fiddler’s Green, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Carcass and other impressive acts of bands like Insanity, the mexicans of War Kabinett, Excrementory Grindfuckers, The Prosecution, Wulfpack, the frenchmen of Acyl, Wizard and so on…..

Go to our photoreport by clicking on this link.



The Germans defintely know how to party all night dong! From Thursday afternoon until late Saturday night hours, Neuenkirchen transformed into a camping city with great music, lots of König bier and Desperados and of course lots of fun. You can also enjoy the spectacular view at Dong and even take a bier or two at the Sky Lounge to make new friends or just to hang out with your mates. It has been our second year at this festival, and for sure we will be there again in 2016 to be Donginized.

Stonehenge Metal Festival 2015 – gone with the wind

Steenwijk (NL), July 25, 2015
by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

One of the coziest festivals in The Netherlands, STONEHENGE, unfortunately, went up into smoke. After a year of preparations, the worst summer storm ever in Dutch history brought it, cruelly, to a premature end. The organizers had to cancel the festival for safety reasons. Also other festivals and carnival activities in other places in the Netherlands were cancelled. Some of the bands got stuck on the road because of the storm, other bands didn’t want to perform anymore because it was too risky. Fortunately most people responded positively on the decision that has been made. But others seemed not to understand the priorities of the organization to promptly cancel this event. Lots of metalheads went home dissapointed, several people went to the city of Stonehenge to grab a bite and others went to the after party at Cafe de Zwetser to enjoy Resistance, Player and Nervosa. We sincerely hope that the financial damage that Stonehenge has suffered can be settled and that we can celebrate another edition of Stonehenge next year. We wish the organziation much strength and wisdom.



Meanwhile enjoy our photoreport of Smothered, Wrath, Sabiendas, Inquisitor, Dictated, Fleshless, Hirax, Diabolical, Ingested and Cytotoxin by clicking here.
As you can see: it was fun while it lasted!

Zwarte Cross: The Roadhouse

Zwarte Cross,Lichtenvoorde (NL) July 26, 2015
By: Chérie Photography

This year a protest march was held during the Cross on Friday, against the removal of the metal meadow, from the program. The metal meadow was abandoned after 2012, much to the regret of the Dutch metalheads. In 2013 a new venue was introduced: The Meltdown, but despite the attractive show elements there, it could not live up to the standard of its predecessor, the Aardschok Podium.

Baterbar at Zwarte Cross Festval

Baterbar at Zwarte Cross Festval

Metal is concentrated in a small Cafe nowadays, called the Baterbar. For hard and loud rock music the Roadhouse has been erected last year and it’s a big success.
We went to see several performances at The Roadhouse on the last day, Sunday, of the festival.

The Roadhouse at Zwarte Cross

The Roadhouse at Zwarte Cross

Daeth Alley is an impressive young Dutch rock / metal band based in Amsterdam, with singer Douwe Truijnes, Dennis (aka Brother D) on bass guitar and drummer Ming (all former Gewapend Beton) plus guitar player Oeds Beydal (ex The Devils Blood). Their debut album ‘Black Magick Boogieland’ was released on May 19th of this year.
Death Alley (NL)

Death Alley (NL)

From Gent in Belgium Raketkanon brought a mixture of noise rock and heavy sludgerock, which attracted an almost full house.
Raketkanon (BE)

Raketkanon (BE)

The Wanton Bishops played Southern American Blues Rock as if they were born and raised in the Bayou country. Nothing is what it seams nowadays, the founders Mansour and Ghossein both rolled out of college in Beiroet, Lebanon, with finance and economics degrees respectively. However, this duo preferred a musical lifestyle over a career in banking business. So fate brought them here, to entertain Dutch farmers in a wooden barn on an infamous festival in the Dutch Achterhoek.
The Wanton Bishops

The Wanton Bishops (Lebanon)

Rain was pouring down heavily against the end of the otherwise sunny Sunday afternoon. Which drove the crowd to seek shelter in The Roadhouse. After the rain slowed down, however, most people stayed to enjoy the talented German band Kadaver from Berlin. Whose drummer played the stars from the sky and more. Kadaver plays Proto-, Stoner,- and Psychedelic-Rock.
Kadaver (DE)

Kadaver (DE)

Check out the full report of a day at The Roadhouse here!

Graveland Deathfest 2015

Hollandscheveld (Hoogeveen, NL) July 11, 2015
by Jeanny Petrocchi.

Graveland is a new metal festival in Hollandscheveld (Hoogeveen). After years of organizing small-scale concerts four metalheads decided to organize a larger festival in Hoogeveen. This has led to Graveland Death Fest, focusing on the metal genre. With this first edition, they succeeded in realizing a line-up that you as a metalhead don’t want to miss! There was no better way to kick it off with bands from the USA, Denmark, Germany, Austria and of course with our own talented Dutchies.

Graveland Deathfest

Graveland Deathfest

The headliner for this first edition was Belphegor. But there were also other great bands which performed that Saturday such as Terrorizer LA, the russians of Pyre and ofcourse our own pride Teethgrinder, Pentacle and Entrapment with Willem of Rotten Casket on vocals.
Check out our photoreport of the 1st edition of Graveland. Next year, be there!

Exclusive show Airbourne in the Netherlands

Exclusive show Airbourne in the Netherlands
on May 29th Atak ENSCHEDE

by Jeanny Petrocchi

The Australian Band Airbourne gave a hell of a performance last weekend at the venue of Atak in Enschede, The Netherlands. This quartet have been proudly walking the Rock ’n Roll path since their early teenage years, inspired by the music of Motörhead and AC/DC. BADASS Rock ‘n Roll with great solos and a vocalist with a dynamic vocal range who sounds like he rinses his mouth every morning with a cocktail of whiskey, oil and razor blades. The Airbourne band members are very talented musicians, they play beer-fueled hard rock at high energy levels. This photoreport speaks for itself.
What makes Airbourne so special is that all of their songs are really good, usually in the same faster AC/DC mold, and the band exudes energy and excitement.
All in all, Airbourne give a continuously nostalgic performance that any hard rock or metal fan would find worthwhile.

Marcel Coenen & Friends

Marcel Coenen & Friends live at ATAK, Enschede

by Jeanny Petrocchi

The 10th edition of the ‘’Twents Guitar Festival’’ took place in Enschede, last May. For 4 days the town of Enschede was filled with various guitar sounds of different artists. The Venue Atak joined this festival by organizing a cozy concert with Marcel Coenen & Friends.

Marcel Coenen & friends is a band formed with the dutch guitarist Marcel Coenen as the frontman.

Marcel Coenen

Marcel Coenen

Marcel is certainly not a stranger in the guitar world, he’s one of the best Dutch rock/metal guitar players, with fans all over the world. His art is inspired by guitar gods such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, James Petrucci, James Hetfield and Allan Holdsworth.
The audience has enjoyed a great performance from great covers to special suprises such as the Dutch National Anthem in a Coenen Jacket.’’

Check out our photo report of the concert of Marcel Coenen @ ATAK here !

Saevus Umbra

Nieuwe EP van The Dutch Duke

by Chérie, Metalphoto

EP cover of Saevus Umbrae

Saevus Umbrae

Een nieuwe lente brengt ons een nieuw heavy metal geluid. De jonge Nederlandse band The Dutch Duke heeft in april 2015 hun debuut EP uitgebracht. Dit werkje, getiteld Saevus Umbra (wat, vertaald in het Nederlands, Krachtige Schaduw betekent) is wat ons betreft een “must hear” voor elke Heavy Metal fan die belangstelling heeft voor de Nederlandse ontwikkelingen binnen dit genre. De titel en omslag doen een donkere inhoud vermoeden en de intro van een onweersbui versterkt die verwachting. De teksten zijn ongetwijfeld donker maar de muziek is daarentegen lekker swingende heavy/ speed metal/ rock & roll: krachtige, meeslepende feestmuziek.
Het eerste nummer, de titelsong, hier te beluisteren heeft een Iron Maiden achtige geladenheid; het daarop volgende Blooded Sights en de nummer drie No Mercy zijn speed metal met rock & roll en het laatste nummer Dracula verraadt qua tempo en vocale melodielijn sterke punk invloeden. Hoewel het eerste nummer, Saevus Umbra, met een klassieke heavy metal songopbouw, het meeste indruk wekt, blijft No Mercy het sterkt hangen bij de luisteraar.

De kern van The Dutch Duke wordt gevormd door basgitarist/vocalist Wouter van Doeveren en gitarist/vocalist Jari Bron, waarbij de eerstgenoemde tevens tekent als songwriter en lyricist van al deze nummers. Wouter bewijst met deze EP vooral zijn uitstekende kwaliteiten op dit laatstgenoemde gebied.
Qua muzikale uitvoering wekken de sublieme gitaarsolo’s door Yoep van de Ligt op alle vier de nummers en de stevige drumpartijen door Marco Prij de meeste indruk. De vocalen komen, m.i., op deze EP wat minder goed uit de verf. Enerzijds door (productie)technische onvolkomenheden van deze in eigen beheer opgenomen EP, maar ook doordat Wouter’s stem tijdens de opnames te kampen had met het zware griepvirus dat afgelopen winter ons land teisterde. De ruimere potentie van diens stem valt echter wel uit deze opnames af te leiden.

Al met al geeft The Dutch Duke, door de uitgebalanceerde combinatie van toegepaste substijlen, een verfrissende invulling aan heavy metal.

Dat de band op het podium dezelfde energieke uitstraling heeft als op deze EP hebben we kunnen zien tijdens Kick Ass Festival (klik hier voor foto’s), afgelopen februari in Rijssen (NL).


The Dutch Duke is deze zomer o.a. live te zien en te horen op vrijdag 14 augustus a.s in Deest (Gld; tussen Ewijk en Druten) op het Metal Night Festival in t Zeeltje. Op vrijdag is er gratis entree!!

FB Pagina van de band:

Swedish Death Metal band Entrails at Metropool

Hengelo, April 3rd 2015

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last weekend the Swedish band ENTRAILS was in The Netherlands for three shows. We went to this great venue in Hengelo where Dutch and German fans enjoyed of a Crushing old school death metal evening!

Check out our photoreport here.

Horror, Grave and Rotten Death were on the menu that day with titles such as “Eaten by the dead” and ‘’Blood red”. Crushing riffs, growling vocals and thunderous rumbling of the drums were the fundamental elements that contributed to a spectacular performance of these veterans in death metal.

Swedish Death metal band Entrails on stage at Metropool, Hengelo


Entrails brought two supporting acts: FROM EARTH, a brutal modern Dutch metal band from Limburg. Another Dutch support act was VILLAINY from Nederweert.
This band also gavean impressive show. Three Dutch guys playing trash metal with a little bit of death and a doomy touch.

Great news for the fans; the metallers of Entrails have finished recording their new album “Obliteration” and will be released on the 15th of May. Check out the first single ‘’Beyond the flesh’’. We have a great expectation of this album. Not only because this album is mixed by the mix-meister Dan Swanö, but also because these talented Swedish musicians always deliver!

Danko Jones at Metropool (NL)

Hengelo, March 28, 2015 by Jeanny Petrocchi

Danko Jones

Danko Jones

Please checkout our photo report through this link !

Danko Jones performed on Saturday March 28 at the Metropool venue at Hengelo. They should have had a gig at Amsterdam a week ago but that has been cancelled due to Danko’s health problem. The Amsterdam gig will take place on th 22nd of May. Danko Jones will also perform later this year at Bospop in Weert, The Netherlands and at Europe’s biggest metal festival Wacken Open Air. Check out the Danko Jones website for more tour dates in Canada and Europe.

Kick Ass Festival

Lucky, Rijssen, February 15, 2015

Photoreport by Jeanny Petrocchi

On our way to Rijssen, where the Kick Ass Festival would take place, we came across a crowd of people dressed up to celebrate Carnival ( “Carnaval”) in the Dutch county of Overijssel. Several metalheads, however, decided to go and enjoy metal instead and to spupport their local bands. We can conclude that at this fine venue, Lucky, everyone celebrated their own Carnival with lots of laughter, good music and plenty of beer.



Klick here to see our photoreport of the following bands:

Obituary @ ATAK

Enschede (NL) January 30, 2015
by: Jeanny Petrocchi

One of the most successful death metal bands in the world give their performance yesterday at a sold out show at the Atak venue in Enschede as part of their Inked in Blood tour. Obituary stands for 30 years at the very top and is one of the most influential bands in this genre. Deep grunts, devastating guitar riffs, thundering drums and especially a murderous pace is what we have experienced yesterday. We couldn’t expect less, Obituary always delivers a great show that will be etched in your memory forever.

Obituary - Inked in Blood Tour 2015

Obituary – Inked in Blood Tour 2015

The support acts for this Inked in Blood tour are M-Pire of Evil, Dust Bolt and Rotting Repugnancy. M-Pire Evil made also a great impact on the audience with songs of their Crucified Album. They went totally crazy when Dolan anounced their next song….Venom’s Black Metal. Also the old school trash metal band, Dust Bolt, rocked everyone socks off. The first band, Rotting Repugnancy also made a great impression on the audience. Too bad that the venue wasn’t jam-packed yet when they made their performance.

Click here for the photo report of this fabulous show.

Xmas Core Metropool 2014

Hengelo 21 december 2014, by Jeanny Petrocchi

Many excellent musicians performed last year at the spectacular new venue Metropool, situated in Hengelo, The Netherlands.
Therefore, to thank all the visitors, they threw one last gig before saying goodbye to another successful year.

Distillator @ Metropool 2014

Distillator @ Metropool 2014

A gig with local bands originating from the county of Overijssel. Headliner for this annual X-mas core event was DISTILLATOR, old school trash metal band coming from Enschede.

BTW, don not miss DISTILLATOR’s album release shows that will be held at Poppodium Atak in Enschede on March 13th and at Podium Hoogeveen on March 27th 2015.
Other interesting bands that performed that night were THE BLACK FALL, PARIAH, WAYFARER YOUTH and GROWN COLD.

Click here for our photoreport.

VandenBergs Moonkings @ Atak

Enschede October 10, 2014

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Before they headed off to Japan for a show, the Dutch death metalband Vandenberg’s Moonkings announced that they will be performing at the venue in their hometown where their great adventure started …. Poppodium Atak in Enschede, The Netherlands. Vandenberg’s Moonkings started their European tour last February and ever since their first gig they managed to touch many souls with their music. We couldn’t expect less. Vandenberg has choosen his talented bandmembers wisely and with their expertise this mindblowing band was formed.

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

The audience in Atak enjoyed of the authentic, modern take of classic rock of Vandenberg’s Moonkings. Check out the photoreport of this performance here.Besides their new songs they also played several well known ones, such as Burning heart and Here we go again. As the band stated on social media, they can’t wait to kick some Sumo sized ass at the mighty LoudPark Festival in Tokyo! Goodluck and have fun guys!

Vandenberg's Moonkings

Vandenberg’s Moonkings

Bolt Thrower at Baroeg O.A.

Rotterdam, September 20, 2014

by: Chérie, Metalphoto

Baroeg Open Air is an annual, one day, free Music Festival, held in the Zuiderpark in Rotterdam and organized by the famous poppodium Baroeg. Their line up is always amazingly good. This year the main stage counted several metal bands in various styles. The atmosphere at the festival was very nice; the vast community parc provided a peaceful and romatic ambiance, which was enhanced by the surprisingly good ‘indian summer’type of weather so late in the year. 7500 cheerful visitors had come to the festival and enjoyed music, played on three stages. A vast array of booths provided a lively market where records and band stuff could be bought.
We exclusively went to see and photograph the UK Death Metal band Bolt Thrower on the main stage: the main act of this festival.

Click on this link to go to the photoreport.

This band has been around for close to three decades, but keeps expressing the same young spirit and enthusiasm as back in the eighties.

The band, with their sympathetic frontman Karl Willets, attracted a full house at the main stage. In a show that lasted over an hour they satisfied the fans that had come from all over the country to listen to the well know repertoire that stood as a rock.


Hoogeveen (NL) September 5-6, 2014

By Jeanny Petrocchi

Last weekend we were at Occultfest , a small metal music festival held at the town of Hoogeveen, in the county of Drenthe, The Netherlands. Deadbeat_3_van_13_This annual festival is being held for 12 years now, and it’s getting bigger and bigger every year. This year, however, there were not many visitors at the festival. Which was a a pity for we’ve seen performances of awesome local bands such as Grown Cold, Distillator, Ecocide, Legion of the damned, just to name a few. But still, as many of the visitors there, we had a blast on Saturday.



A big thank you goes to the visitors that made this festival happen, also a big thank you to the organisation of Occultfest and of course all the volunteers and the bands that delivered great performances.
Click here for our photoreport of Saturday of the follwoing bands: Misanthropia, Imapalement, Stonehwak, Vopo’s, Grown Cold, Sudden Annihilation, Ecocide, Neckbreak Nation, Distillator, Deadbeat and Legion of the Damned.

Turock Open Air 2014

Essen, August 29-31, 2014
by: Jeanny Petrocchi

Turock, a venue where many great bands made their appearances over the years, had their annual 3 days open festival this year again. Turock Open Air metal festival 2014 was held in the city of Essen in front of the venue. Shadows_Fall_5_van_15_Excellent bands such as Diablo Blvd, Morgoth, Cryptopsy, Vanderbuyst, Unearth, Shadows Fall, Jungle Rot, Sanctuary, Wolf (just to name a few) where invited to make a blast again of this festival.

It was a rainy day, but even the decision of mother nature, couldn’t manage to ruin this day for the visitors. The performances in combination with the great ambience at TOA were the sunshine of that day.

main stage with audience with umbrella

Turock O.A. 2014


Click herefor some impressions of the following bands, that played on Saturday : Jungle Rot, Shadows Fall, Unearth, Vanderbuyst and Exumer. Unfortunately we couldn’t make pictures of Cryptopsy and Morgoth because, as many others that day, your photographer was one of the victims of pickpockets.

Malevolent Creation & support in Amsterdam

August 20, 2014 Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam (NL)
by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last wednesday we were at Winston Kingdom, a small venue just a few footsteps away from the red light district in Amsterdam, for another metal concert. Again, the organizer of this event, Snook Bookings, nailed it. Last time with Terrorizer in Utrecht and last wednesday in Amsterdam. Again a sold out show.
As usual a full house. The first performance was by the dutch band Ecocide, young guys really kicking asses with some old school death metal. It was a delighted warm up show for the audience.



The next band was De Profundis from London. After being blown away with old school death metal we switched to some progressive metal. We hope to see more of these guys in the near future. The beginning is there, we will not forget their names after THAT show in Amsterdam. They have been touring with Malevolent Creation in Germany, The Netherlands and the UK.

Sinister is not an unknown band and specially not in The Netherlands. They were very entertaining as always, giving all they’ve got with their characteristic sound and with their continuous input of energy on stage. Sinister style remains brutal, honest and satisfactory.

Drummer Sinister


Headliner Malevolent Creation was also mindblowing. You can put them on a big stage at party San Open Air, or just a small stage at a small cozy venue in Amsterdam. One thing is for sure, these guys always deliver, no matter where or what the circumstances are. The guitar riffs were relentless, they work great with speed. Also a great combination with the vocals of Brett, this guy growls from the heart.
All in all it was a succes. Kudo’s to Snook Bookings, for booking again a great sold-out show were every single soul were having fun. I had hard times shooting pics from the audience, it was risky because of the constant pit they were having in a small venue and the lack of light which made it more difficult. But we had a great time and that is what counts. Keep an eye on Snook Bookings events, more greatness is on the way!

Into the Grave Festival (NL)

Leeuwarden (NL), August 9, 2014.

Photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

More than 5000 metalheads gathered in the capitol of the Dutch province of Friesland, Leeuwarden, to this festival to witness the following great acts:
1. Teethgrinder 11.30 – 12.00
2. Hacride 12.25 – 13.00
3. VanderBuyst 13.30 – 14.10
4. Solstafir 14.40 – 15.30
5. Havok 16.00 – 16.50
6. Flotsam & Jetsam 17.20 – 18.10
7. Shirenic Plays Pungent Stench 18.40 – 19.35
8. Vader 20.05 – 21.05
9. Megadeth 21.45 – 23.00

Click here to see our photoreport of the following bands: Havok, Sólstafir, Flotsam and Jetsam, Schirenc plays Pungent Stench, Vader and Megadeth.

Megadeth at Into the Grave

Megadeth at Into the Grave

The organization of Into the Grave is focusing on another edition for next year after closing this year edition successfully.
Big thanks to the organization of Into the Grave, the volunteers and ofcourse the visitors that make this festival a great succes again. Early bird tickets are already available for the fifth edition of Into the Grave for only €6.66. Sepultura is the first band that has been confirmed for next year.


Terrorizer concert

Bloodgod, Teethgrinder Terrorizer in DBs, Utrecht (NL), August 7, 2014

by: Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

We went to Utrecht at the DBs venue to be part of a sold out show of Terrorizer with opening act of Bloodgod and Teethgrinder.
Bloodgod, never heard of them before, but Gosh they were great and funny. We hope to see more of this Dutch death metal band from Utrecht. Teethgrinder were having some difficulties with the drumkit, but they’ve have managed to bring a quick solution so they can entertain the audience with their songs.

Terrorizer in DBs

Terrorizer in DBs

And then it was the turn for Terrorizer to make their appearance on stage. Besides the photographers, everyone were having fun slamming into each other on the mighty tunes of this legendary grindcore band. Founding legendary drummer Pete Sandoval (ex-morbid angel) performed together with the guitarist Lee Harrison (Monstrosity) and Sam Molina on bass and vocals.

Check out the photo’s of Jeanny Petrocchi of this concerthere.

Stonehenge Metal Festival – Photo Report

Steenwijk, July 26th 2014, The Netherlands

by Jeanny Petrocchi

This 20th anniversary edition of Stonehenge would never have been possible without the enthusiasm of all the bands, volunteers and visitors.

Burning Hatred

Burning Hatred

Stonehenge has first been first organized, back in 1995, by a few guys who lived in the Dutch town of Steenwijk (Overijssel). And 20 years later this annual event is still on. It has always remained a small cozy festival at the venue of the cultural youth centre De Buze, originally with only one small stage. This year they managed to get a bigger stage outside. Thumbs up to the Stonehenge organization. Up to next year, hopefully at a fully renewed venue.


Bands that are already confirmed for 2015 are: Master, Taake, Izegrim, Dictated, Sabiendas, Broken Hope and Smothered making it an very interseting line up.
Burning Hatred, Katalepsy, Beheaded, Impaled Nazarene, Igorr, Eyeconoclast, Bliksem, Entrails, Sinister, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Immolation, Possessed and Obituary.

Stonehenge 2015

Stonehenge 2015

Wacken Open Air 25 Photoreport

Wacken (DE), July 31- August 1 & 2, 2014

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Wacken Open Air 2014

Wacken Open Air 2014

Germany does not only have one of the best soccer team in the world, but it also has world’s biggest metal festival: Wacken Open Air.
This year, on their 25th anniversary, Wacken offered the usual vast variety of metal. Over 100 bands performed at this huge, three days, festival. Among these bands were headliners such as Motorhead, King Diamond, Slayer, Arch Enemy, Behemoth, Emperor, Megadeth, Kreator, Sodom and Amon Amarth which made their appearance on the Black Stage and True metal Stage. Also there were many other great bands that performed on the wet stage, headbanger stage and party stage.


We also have the results of the 10th edition of the International metal battle finals. The winner this year is In Mute from Spain. 2nd place Dirty Shirt from Rumania. 3rd place Huldre from Denmark. 4th place Evocation from China and 5th place Convivum from Sweden.

Check our photo report of some impressions at the Wacken village and several bands that performed at this annual event.
Bands that are already confirmed for 2015 are:
Transiberian Orchetstra – Savatage – Running Wild – In Flames – In Extremo – U.D.O. – Sabaton – Amorphis – Death Angel – Powerwolf – Ensiferum – Kataklysm – Cannibal Corpse – Sepultura – Thyrfing
Sad news for the ones that didn’t get a ticket yet: the Wacken 2015 tickets are already sold out for the 10th time in a row and in less than 24 hours!

Wacken Open Air 2014

Wacken Open Air 2014

Zwarte Cross Festivalverslag 2014

Na jarenlang verwend te zijn met drie dagen van de beste metal op het Aardschok Podium moesten de metalheads op de Zwarte Cross het vorig jaar doen met een redelijk leuke Meltdown. Toch was de sfeer er … laten we zeggen… anders. In 2014 gooide De Feestfabriek het bij de Zwarte Cross over weer een andere boeg, namelijk met een intiem podium voor Underground Rock en een beetje Metal: The Roadhouse.Zwarte-Cross-Logo Op zich geen slechte zaak, want de grote namen uit de metalwereld doen ons landje al vaak genoeg aan op andere podia. The Roadhouse is een intieme schuur (Barn) waar slechts een paar honderd man in passen. Er trad veel Nederlands talent op, te beginnen op vrijdagmiddag, waaronder de indruk wekkende Nijmeegse stoner-achtige rock band Navarone. Maar er waren ook veel Amerikaanse bands op bezoek. Zoals op vrijdagavond de alternatieve Country Punk Rockers Slim Cessna’s Autoclub uit Denver, die onze absolute favoriet was gevolgd door de New Yorkse punkband Dirty Fences en om middernacht stond als hoofdact hun stadgenoot Jon Spencer Blues Explosion op het podium, met alternatieve rock.
Op zaterdagavond was o.a. de Finse hardrockband Santa Cruz te zien en de Amerikaanse Red Fang uit Montana, maar ook het internationaal bekende Nederlandse trio De Wolff, bekend van o.a. PinkPop 2010. Dit blues trio trad overigens ook eerder die avond op op het Hoofdpodium; om die tijd concurreerden ze met The Pheromones in The Roadhouse. Voor ons geen moeilijke keuze, The Pheromones rockten meer naar onze smaak.
Op zondagmiddag speelde, na een warming up door o.a. het Nederlandse Traumahelikopter -die we helaas misten doordat de cross een te aantrekkelijk programma bood – en de enthousiasmerende Spaanse hardrockband 77, het razend populaire Eindhovense Peter Pan Speedrock, voor een volgepakte schuur. Het daarop volgende Utrechtse Birth of Joy (bekend van DWDD en PinkPop) boeide een uur lang met hun unieke sound van moderne psychelisch aandoende rock. Dit trio bestaat uit de energieke frontman vocalist en gitarist Kevin Stunnenberg, bijgestaan door organist, Gertjan Gutman, die bij tijd en wijle de sound van Ray Manzarek (Doors) feilloos weet op te roepen en drummer Bob Hogenelst . De grand finale was voor de Zweedse heavy rockband Truckfighters maar toen waren wij, na 3 dagen uiterst geslaagde festiviteiten, helaas de terugtocht al aangevangen.

Op de website van de Zwarte Cross staat nog het programma van The Roadhousee waar je ook naar muziekfragmenten van alle geprogrammeerde bands kunt luisteren.

Dong Open Air

17-18-19 July Neukirchen-Vluyn

by Jeanny Petrocchi

Last weekend we were at the Moshmore Hill for Dong Open Air.
When we arrived we were told that we can take a shuttle to the hill. After 2 hours waiting, we decided to climb the hill and carrying our backpack and cameras. We were very exhausted and almost dehydrated because it was 35 degrees. Therefore, because of these circumstances we’ve missed a few bands on Thursday. Besides the shuttle service, everything was well organized. It’s a cozy festival were you can eat well, and drink delicious Desperados. Because of two days of excessive warmth, the volunteers were spraying everyone with water to freshen up. There were firemen and Red cross volunteers at the premises to intervene in case of an accident or injuries.
Click HERE for a full photo report of the performing bands:
There was a great after show on Friday from PAPPE OF DESTINY. They performed a great Rammstein playback show and ofcourse combined with fireworks.
After the show we spoke to our colleagues from the press and several Arch enemy fans to hear what they think of the new singer Alissa White-Gluz. Well of the 30 people we have talked with, only 1 guy said that he was blown away. The other opinions were ‘’She’s ok. But she’s not Angela Gossow’’.
Personally I think she did a very good job. With time she will feel more comfortable on stage and dealing with a huge fan club will be a piece of cake for her. Vocals and stage presence were really great. It’s not easy to even or top a great female singer such as Angela Gossow. We think she will be soon there delivering as much as energy as the former singer of Arch Enemy but in her OWN way, no doubt about it. It’s just the beginning!
Last but not least a very special thanks for the entire crew of Dong Open air! Up to next year!

Metal op Nijmeegse Vierdaagse Feesten

Op zaterdag 12 juli 2014 zijn de fameuze Vierdaagse Feesten in Nijmegen begonnen en ze trapten deze avond meteen goed af met een portie metal.
Tussen alle activiteiten zijn er wat weinig metal concerten

Through the Struggle

Through the Struggle

Metalphoto maakte foto’s van de volgend bands op podium Voerweg, Valkhofpark Nijmegen.:
19 – 19:30 uur: Through the struggle
Through The Struggle is de winnaar van de Roos van Nijmegen 2014. Na in 2010 begonnen te zijn als hardcoreband hebben ze het roer wat omgegooid en zijn ze naar een meer dynamisch en melodische sound gegroeid.

21:30 – 22:30: Monomyth:
Monomyth uit Den Haag laveert met het grootste gemak tussen psychedelische rock, spacerock, krautrock en stonerrock. (Foto’s volgen nog)
23:15 – 00:15: Pro-Pain
Het New Yorkse Pro-Pain werd begin jaren negentig opgericht en laten sindsdien overal een verpletterende indruk achter met hun unieke, ongehoord strakke en energieke mix van hardcore met metal. (Foto’s volgen nog)


Nile concert at Poppodium Metropool, Hengelo (NL)


On Sunday 29th of June 2014 we were at the Nile show at the venue of Metropool. As you may know, the spelling music and lyrics of this American death metal band is inspired by ancient Egyptian history.
The band is curently working on a new album and we were very impressed by the new songs they played at this concert, which was held in the cosy small venue of Poppodium Metropool.

To all Nile fans: we advise you to keep an eye on the Nile website, for the release date of their new album, At the Gate of Sethu.

Photography: Jeanny Petrocchi

Dokk’em Open Air 2014 Metal Festival

Dragon Girls

Dragon Girls

Dokk’em Open Air 20 & 21 June 2014 Again this year we went to Dokkum, located in the county of Friesland, The Netherlands, for a two days festival of the Dokk’em Open Air Metal Festival. The festival and camping were jam packed with metalheads. They all came to see an incredible line up with a wide range of variety of metal that DOA had to offer this year again.

Besides music for all ears, there were special fire acts by the sexy Dragon Girls and funny but very entertaining music of “De boodschappers van het algemene nut” which means “The messengers of the public benefit”.

On the 2nd day, unfortunately TROLL had to cancel and in a short time the organization of DOA managed to replace them with a Dutch black metal band called Cirith Gorgor.
Other bands on this day were Nocturnus AD, M.O.D., Freedom Call, Mayan, Arkona, Napalm Death, Gamma Ray, Death DTA and Metal Church.

Big thanks go to the entire organization of DOA and last but not least the volunteers which makes this festival possible. Up to next year!

Click here for the full photo report of the performing bands Carach Angren, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Vicious Rumors and Annihilator on Day One and Cirith Gorgor, Nocturnus AD, M.O.D., Freedom Call, Mayan, Arkona, Napalm Death, Gamma Ray, Death DTA and Metal Church and their enthusiastic audience.

Audience Dokk'em Open Air

Audience Dokk’em Open Air

Photography by Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto

Devious farewell party with Deifecation and Extreem Eczeem

Saturday May 24th, we were at the farewell show of Devious at the Metropool venue in Hengelo, The Netherlands.
After 13 years, the band decided to stop, but not without throwing a big party. Everyone who participated in this band for the past 13 years, had one last chance to shred, growl, slap the bass or hit the drums on the stage.



Deifecation and Extreem Eczeem reunited for this special occasion.
Jeanny Petrocchi shot a nice photo report on this occasion.

Kings of Black Metal Festival 2014

Alsfeld, DE, April 5, 2014 by Chérie

_FAL2860Burning Stage Concerts had once more created a Black Metal event that attracted fans from all over Europe, to the charming medieval city of Alsfeld. Nobody else than BM legends Mayhem were headlining this 2-day festival. But many more illustrious bands, from all over the world, were on stage that were just as exciting to see and hear.

Where in the world can one leisurely hang out in the city center, enjoying great music by famous underground bands, zipping beer with one’s peers in the public parking lot, smoking, getting drunk and stoned, fall asleep on the pavement, under the guidance of caring paramedics and in the security of private guards and kind policemen in surveillance vehicles?

No, this is not a fairy tale … this is Alsfeld in 2014. Check out the full photo report of Kings of Black Metal! Continue reading

Sargeist & Nightbringer – Photos of Disciples Tour

Photo’s of the Disciples of the Void Tour of the Black Metal bands Sargeist (FIN) & Nightbringer (USA) (2014) taken by Metalphoto in Willemeen, Arnhem (March 23 2014) are now on line!

Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.

Nightbringer (USA) live at Willemeen.

This fine Underground Show was the first multi-national export product of the German organizer Drohende Schatten, who specializes in this genre. A venue packed with true lovers of Black Metal had come from all over The Netherlands to watch and listen to a selection of quite esoteric bands: Irkallian Oracle (Sweden), Sargeist (Finland), Pseudogod (Russian Federation), Nightbringer (USA).
Irkallian Oracle, was here for the first time and impressed with their psychedelic Black Metal, dressed in monkshoods and playing on a dark, red lighted stage. We present an atmospheric impression of two beloved underground bands: Sargeist and Nightbringer, who both are convincingly true to the old roots of BM.

If you like these pictures you may also like Chants of Evil, Metalphoto’s book on Black Metal, which is still available from our Metalphoto shop and from Amazon !

Interview Sepultura / Andreas Kisser

By Jeanny Petrocchi, Metalphoto – March 7, 2014

Metalphoto: First of all thank you for this opportunity Andreas. Tell us about the new album: The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart
Andreas: Album came out Sepultura_6_van_25_last year, about October. We took about 4 to 5 months to write everything. We started working on it last year in February/March. And then already in June we went to the US to record the album with Ross Robinson, which was the producer of the Roots album we did back in 95. So it was cool to meet Ross again, you know, he really understands the band and the way he records is very much the way we like to record, very organic, you know, like jamming in the room and stuff. So it was a perfect choice. We spend like a month and a half in Venice beach at his house, Continue reading

Interview Legion of the Damned

By Jeanny, Metalphoto – with Harold Gielen and Twan van Geel

If you never heard of Legion of the Damned before, you have probably been swallowed by a black hole far far away in the unknown galaxy…. Anyway, your chance is here to go and see them for they’re currently touring Europe with Sepultura from Brazil. Metalphoto interviewed the Dutch death/trash metal band, on this occasion.

Legion_of_the_Damned_3_van_27_Metalphoto: Hi guys, tell us a little bit about your latest album, Ravenous Plague.
Harold: Ravenous Plague album is a new album and is released in the first week of January by Napalm Records. Continue reading

Interview with Johnny Solinger of Skid Row


United World Rebellion Tour

‘’Gotta keep on fighting and never stop!
United we stand. United we never shall fall!’’

Hard Rock veterans SKID ROW has been around for almost 30 years and they’re still kicking ass!
Before the show we had the opportunity to interview Skid Row’s lead singer Johnny Solinger.

Continue reading